Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference

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We are delighted to welcome you back to the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – EMEA 2024. As well as addressing continuing industry challenges, this year’s event has a clear focus on technologies that will shape the future of aviation.

As the challenges of a global pandemic recede into the past, we find ourselves facing new challenges of conflict and global tensions impacting aircraft operations. There is also the continuing drive to net zero, the perennial need to manage costs and ever-evolving regulation plus the rise of new technologies such as AI. It’s a daunting matrix of challenges, impossible to address with non-digital solutions. Digital transformation of processes is no longer optional but is essential.

At the heart of modern airline and aviation processes, IT holds the key for sustainability and future growth. The benefits of digitization are clear; agility, flexibility and the speed to address whatever the future holds: the challenge is to unlock those benefits. No airline would consider operating without IT today but how can you match the right IT solution to your specific business model and process needs?

At this conference, over 2 days in the sold-out Exhibition Hall, airlines, operators and MROs will enjoy unrivalled access to the leading vendors to discuss their own challenges and priorities and see demos of the latest digital solutions. Plus, there will be the usual chance to listen to a full conference agenda of case studies from airlines, operators and MROs, sharing their own digital journeys implementing new and modern IT solutions, including what they have gained and what they have learned.

We are excited to welcome you and look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam in June.

Ed Haskey | Event Director | Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT


Event Highlights

This conference provides you with a number of fantastic opportunities:

  • Conference Agenda: A Two-Day Agenda of case studies, keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and vendor showcase sessions; covering the latest trends and developments in this rapidly developing sector of the industry. Click on the ‘Agenda’ link above for full information.
  • Exhibition Area: 60+ leading Aircraft M&E / MRO and Flight OPS IT Vendors are showcasing their latest digital solutions. Demo all the leading solutions in just 2 days:
    • EFB: Latest Full Systems, Pilot Apps, Real-Time Flight Deck Data, Aircraft Performance
    • ETL / ELB: Pilot, Crew and M&E Solutions and Apps from all the Leading Suppliers
    • Flight Ops: Digital OCC Apps, Flight Planning, Connectivity, Real-Time Weather
    • M&E / MRO: End-to-End M&E / MRO Management Solutions, Digital Records
    • Mobile M&E Apps: Real-Time Mechanic Apps, Tool Tracking
    • Data Analytics: Predictive Analytics, Digital Twins, Real-Time Reliability Reporting
    • Digital Innovations: Mobile Device Management, Data Exchange Platforms, AI Powered Solutions and Apps
      Click on the ‘Exhibitors’ link above to see which companies are exhibiting.
  • Join 500+ attendees: Network with your peers at airlines, Operators, MROs, OEMs, IT Vendors, Regulators and Consultants from across the EMEA region and beyond – share experiences and ideas.
  • Pre-conference Workshop: Revolutionizing M&E and MRO Process Creation and Improvement with Generative AI.  Click on the Workshop tab above for full information and to register your seat in the workshop (3rd June – 14:00 – 17:30). 

Who should attend

The conference is a must-attend event for airlines, aircraft operators, MRO providers, and OEMs who are seeking to:

  • Understand the new and evolving IT landscape and the possibilities available to airlines, operators and MROs
  • Learn about new technologies and disruptive innovations such as generative AI or Machine Learning
  • Install new MRO / M&E or Flight Operations IT Systems
  • Learn how to integrate different systems and share data
  • Replace an existing IT system with a new one
  • Network with and learn from fellow MROs, airlines & aircraft operators about the common problems and how to overcome them.
  • Learn about the latest upgrades available from the world’s major vendors and how best to incorporate them into your current system.
  • Simply a fact finding mission to learn about the whole process.

There are various special offers and early booking discounts which make this event extremely cost effective to attend. Airline / Aircraft Operators & MROs can benefit from our special VIP delegate scheme. Click on the ‘Register’ link above to see full details.

Why Exhibit?

The exhibit space for this conference is now SOLD OUT!  Please contact and to be added to a waiting list, and for 2025 enquiries.

The Aircraft Commerce / Aircraft IT conferences provide an unmatched opportunity for MRO / M&E IT & Flight Operations IT vendors to exhibit their solutions; meet with and demo solutions to airline, operators and independent maintenance provider delegates in attendance responsible for buying, specifying and using IT solutions at their companies.

The two day agenda of presentations, workshops and vendor showcases allows delegates to gather information and get an overview of exhibiting vendors in one focused event giving them a great insight to available solutions for any ongoing or planned IT projects.

Conference Agenda

The two-day agenda includes keynote presentations, case studies, interactive workshops, and IT Vendor Showcases; all delivered by airlines, aircraft operators, OEMs, MROs, Consultants, Regulators and IT Vendors to provide delegates with varied and interesting insights into the key topics in this constantly evolving aviation sector.

Listen to digital success stories from airlines and MROs covering a wide spectrum of M&E / MRO and Flight Operations IT technology and processes.  Companies presenting include: Finnair, DHL, Transavia, Canadian North, Norse Atlantic Airways, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Condor Flugdienst, SWISS International Airlines, Etihad Airways, Transavia France, Joramco, Lilium, StandardAero, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and more…

The agenda is divided into M&E / MRO IT and Flight Operations IT tracks for each day.  Use the accordions below to see the full and varied content for each day and plan which presentations or Vendor Showcases to attend. Alternatively, download a side-by-side full agenda document (PDF) – See Downloads to the right.

Look out for the prize draw session at the end of day two, and your chance to win a US $ 300.00 Amazon Voucher.

3rd June 2024

  • 14:00 - 17:30Pre-Conference Workshop
  • 18:00 - 20:00Pre-Event Welcome Drinks, sponsored by SITA
Pre-Conference Workshop (please pre-register for this session)
14:00 - 17:30
Revolutionizing M&E and MRO Process Creation and Improvement with Generative AI
  • Location: Boston 12/14
  • Speaker: Allan Bachan, VP, ICF and supported by Interfacing Technologies

There are only 60 seats available for this Workshop session – includes Coffee Break: 15:30 – 16:00.

Workshop Overview:

During this Workshop session you’ll learn how to interactively use Generative AI to Automatically:

  • Map non-structure text-based operating procedure files into end-to-end process flows
  • Turn images into digital processes in seconds
  • Create process frameworks and detailed process maps in seconds based on aviation industry best practices
  • Gain process insights and AI / ML recommendations for improvement
  • Convert employee natural language process description diction into detailed process flows (institutionalizing staff knowledge)
  • Co-create business and technology step-by-step (role specific) system activity detailed work-instructions
  • Create and assess regulatory requirements and business goals (KPIs) based on quality and compliance needs
  • Produce risk registries for assessment and industry best practice controls
  • Mine system database logs to visualize process flows
  • … and much more

Workshop Hosted by: Allan Bachan, VP, ICF and supported by Interfacing Technologies.

Pre-Event Welcome Drinks sponsored by SITA (please pre-register to attend)
18:00 - 20:00
Pre-Event Welcome Drinks sponsored by SITA
  • Location: Atrium Boulevard

SITA is delighted to sponsor the Pre-Event Welcome Drinks Reception from 18:00-20:00, taking place in the conference venue, in the Atrium Boulevard.  In preparation for what promises to be a couple of dynamic and insightful days ahead, this will be a great opportunity to engage and socialize with your colleagues and industry associates.


4th June 2024

  • 08:00 - 09:00Registration, Breakfast, Software Demos
  • 09:00 - 10:30Conference Agenda Session 1
  • 10:30 - 11:15Refreshment Break, Software Demos
  • 11:15 - 12:45Conference Agenda Session 2
  • 12:45 - 14:00Lunch Break, Software Demos
  • 14:00 - 15:30Conference Agenda Session 3
  • 15:30 - 16:15Refreshment Break, Software Demos
  • 16:15 - 17:45Conference Agenda Session 4
  • 17:45 - 19:30Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Lufthansa Industry Solutions
M&E / MRO IT Track
08:55 - 09:00
Chairman's Opening Remarks
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Chairman
09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Finnair - Integration of new Mobile App into Finnair's Material Operations to Maximize Digitalization and Automation
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Otto Orumaa, Operations Excellence Manager, Finnair; and Kaius Toivonen, Project and Development Specialist, DHL Supply Chain

In this Case Study we will delve into Finnair’s implementation of their new mobile application, AMOSmobile/STORES, for warehouse management. The presentation will provide insights into the launch customer’s perspective on the implementation process and end-user experiences.

Additionally, it will highlight the utilization of existing and future capabilities within the AMOS system to support digitalization and automation efforts within Finnair’s Material Operations. Specific focus will be given to examples such as Material Allocation and Picking List management, demonstrating how these existing modules in AMOS contribute to smarter work practices and digital transformation objectives. Furthermore, we will explore the integration of AMOS with external tools and solutions through the AMOShub, showcasing Finnair’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced operational efficiency.

09:30 - 10:00
Case Study: Transavia – An Evolving Digital and Mobile Maintenance Project
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Gerard de Bruyn, Product Owner F&TS – Fleet & Technical Services, Transavia

In this case study Transavia update us regarding their evolving digital and mobile maintenance project.  The airline will provide an overview of the project to date, with a particular focus on the recent adoption of two mobile Apps to manage line maintenance and turnarounds.  As you will see the apps are task-based and intuitive for the end users with minimal training required and enable enhanced productivity. Users access real-time information and are connected from anywhere with truly off-line capability. The gains from going mobile and paperless are outlined including reduced aircraft maintenance delays combined with reductions in labour manhours and increased operational efficiency. Transavia will close with a look at what’s next for the airline on the digital roadmap.

10:00 - 10:30
Case Study: Canadian North – Maintenance Mechanic’s Mobile Device Management, with auto-sync for TechPubs, manuals, and more
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Gail Campbell, Senior Manager Maintenance Information Systems, Canadian North

In this case study Canadian North outlines why it chose a digital transformation partner (M3 Solutions), to streamline its overall mobile device management for maintenance mechanics’ productivity tools.  You will see how the M3 Solution securely manage all mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) as used by mechanics on the line and in the hangar with a next-gen Smart Kiosk. The case study will highlight how the airline uses the Kiosk to ensure its engineering teams have up-to-date and always ready-to-use mobile devices. You will see how the Kiosk offers so much more than a secure charging station, with device tracking using barcode and RFID technology, also, crucially how the IT team can use the Kiosk’s advanced features to ensure each device, when docked in the Kiosk, is automatically synchronized with the latest key documentation such as OEM Technical Publications; software and App updates including from M&E software vendors; and even operating systems such as a new iOS or Android version, are updated. IT Teams can additionally push any data or alerts to each device through the Kiosk, and ensure full compliance, through only releasing the device from the Kiosk once it has received all the critical content such as the latest Technical Publications.

10:30 - 11:15
  • Location: Atrium
11:15 - 12:45
Vendor Showcase: M&E / MRO IT Vendor Showcase – Part 1
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry leading Aviation Maintenance IT Solutions, such as major end-to-end aircraft maintenance management systems, digital technical records, digital technical documentation, big-data analytics, predictive maintenance, M&E mobile apps and solutions, and more. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. Boeing
  2. Aerostrat
  3. Ultramain Systems
  4. Trax
  5. M3 Solutions
  6. IFS
  7. Swiss AviationSoftware
  8. Ramco Aviation Systems
  9. flydocs
  10. Applied Database Technology
  11. Oliver Wyman Vector
  12. 2MoRo Solutions
12:45 - 14:00
  • Location: Atrium
14:00 - 14:30
Case Study: Condor - Adopting a digital archive records solution to seamlessly manage the fleet technical documentation
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Holger Barth, Head of AMOS Competence Center and Technical Archive, Condor Flugdienst

As part of its ongoing drive for digitalization, Condor outlines its use of a digital archive records solution, ROAM from GAMIT, which also provides fleet asset management solutions.  As you will see Condor utilizes the solution to further modernise its operations, seamlessly manage the technical documentation generated by its fleet to ensure key compliances as well as harness the advanced functionality to facilitate digital end of lease (EOL) projects and aircraft transitions. The project leader will outline how ROAM enables Condor to digitize and optimize processes in order to have the internal and also officially required documentation appropriately available at all times; as well as moving towards document processing automatization to improve the airline’s cost efficiency.

14:30 - 15:00
Case Study: Lufthansa Group - Fully Integrated, Next-Gen Reliability Management and Analytics
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Christian Haas, Group Process Architect for Engineering, Lufthansa Group; and Dr. Jan Philipp Graesch, Product Lead Reliability Solutions AVIATAR, Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Group will highlight the transformative impact of AVIATAR’s Engineering Analytics Suite on their reliability management. The Engineering Analytics Suite is enabling Lufthansa Group to perform reliability analytics in a holistic approach with all possible data at hand. In a live demonstration they will emphasize how this innovative solution represents a paradigm shift in self-service analytics. Through data-driven insights they will showcase how the suite empowers Lufthansa Group to stay ahead of the curve.

15:00 - 15:30
Case Study: Etihad Airways – An Evolving Electronic Technical Log (ETL/ELB) Solution - Integrating the eCabinlog8 with the eTechLog8
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Masoud Al Alawi, Manager – Aircraft Data and Digital Operations, Etihad Airways

One of the major milestones of Etihad’s digitization journey is its implementation of an Electronic Technical Logbook (ETL/ELB) solution. It was first introduced as a Proof of Concept (PoC) in 2020 and eventually went live across the entire fleet in 2021. In addition to providing a complete digital replacement of the aircraft technical paper logbook, which significantly improved efficiencies and streamlined communication, the solution also provides near real-time integration to various platforms, including the Maintenance Information System, Records Management System and Fuel Management System. This presentation focuses on the next phase of development; implementing a Cabin Log solution (eCabinLog8) to connect and integrate with the flight deck ETL/ELB solution (eTechLog8). It further enhances the overall efficiencies and improved the cabin defect identification and rectification, ensuring Etihad delivers its renowned high customer service on every flight. The project challenges and benefits are discussed, as well as what’s next on the roadmap.

15:30 - 16:15
  • Location: Atrium
16:15 - 17:45
Vendor Showcase: M&E / MRO IT Vendor Showcase – Part 2
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry leading Aviation Maintenance IT Solutions, such as major end-to-end aircraft maintenance management systems, digital technical records, digital technical documentation, big-data analytics, predictive maintenance, M&E mobile apps and solutions, and more. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. QOCO
  2. FieldLogs
  3. EmpowerMX
  4. Lufthansa Technik
  5. Veryon
  6. FLYHT
  7. Seabury Solutions
  8. Gamit
  9. EXSYN
  10. AFRY
  11. OMEGA
  12. TrustFlight / Centrik
  13. Comply365
17:45 - 19:30
  • Location: Atrium

Flight Operations IT Track
08:55 - 09:00
Chairman's Opening Remarks
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Chairman
09:00 - 09:45
Vendor Showcase: Digital Flight Operations Manuals and Content Solutions
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry leading solutions designed to assist airlines with digitizing manuals and content for delivery to the flight deck and other key frontline staff. Including end-to-end systems to create, edit, and revise manuals and content; EFB / flight deck Apps; smart and dynamic content, and more. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. Web Manuals
  2. Comply365
  3. Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  4. Orlando Suite for TechPubs
  5. Yonder
09:45 - 10:30
Vendor Showcase: EFB and Flight Operations Solutions – Part 1
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry-leading Flight Ops and EFB Solutions, such as Flight Planning, Flight Ops Management, Communications, Connectivity, Performance, and more; and EFB Software, Hardware and Real-Time Flight Deck Apps. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. AvioBook
  2. SITA
  3. SkyPath
  4. Flygprestanda
  6. Bytron
10:30 - 11:15
  • Location: Atrium
11:15 - 11:45
Case Study: Norse Atlantic Airways - Preparing to land a 787 in Antarctica, the Challenges and How it was Achieved
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Olov Lindström, Fleet Chief Pilot, Norse Atlantic Airways

In November 2023, Norse Atlantic Airways made history by landing the first Boeing 787 on the Antarctic continent.  The flight commissioned by the Norwegian Polar Institute carried a planeload of scientists and landed on the ice glacier at Troll Airfield after a long period of meticulous planning. In this presentation, the captain of the flight, Olov Lindstrom, walks us through the preparations and shows us how to land a 787 on a glacier in Antarctica. The details will include bearing strength assessment of glacier ice runways, understanding local weather conditions and requirements, braking action and use of reverse thrust on ice runways, APU reliability considerations, take-off and landing performance calculations when the runway is located on a moving glacier, and more. You will learn how Norse used the knowledge and expertise from their digital application partners, as well as in-house knowledge.

11:45 - 12:15
Case Study: Transavia France – Supporting Pilots’ Decision-Making with Real-Time Avionics Data – First Outcomes of the In-Flight Trial
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Capt. Emmanuel de Norman, Deputy Chief Pilot, Transavia France

Transavia, the low-cost airline of the Air France-KLM group, has long been committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Among its initiatives, eco-piloting techniques are on top of the list, and the airline is now directing its efforts towards optimizing cockpit operations. By using real-time data and digital tools, it aims to empower pilots with more informed decision-making capabilities for fuel efficiency in-flight and during taxiing. During the presentation you will learn how SkyBreathe® OnBoard has been deployed across the fleet and adopted by pilots, as well as a look at measured results and how much associated fuel is being saved.

12:15 - 12:45
Case Study: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) – Leveraging a Flight Cruise Profile Optimizer Solution for Eco-Efficiency Flying
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Svein-Erik Jackwitz, Fuel Manager, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS); and David Rytter, CEO, AVTECH

This case study outlines SAS’ use of the ClearPath Cruise Profile Optimizer Solution from AVTECH which provides pilots with vertical flight path optimization in-flight. Resulting in significant fuel and time savings per flight, effectively helping the airline to achieve their sustainability goals. As you will see ClearPath has been developed to utilize existing aircraft hardware and data communications, not requiring any new investments, and delivers the optimized profile directly to SAS’ pilots in the flight deck.

During the presentation SAS Fuel Saving Manager, Svein Erik Jackwitz, will outline the solution’s key features and benefits and explain how it retrieves real-time flight plan and aircraft performance data (cost index, weight, etc), and the most accurate and advanced wind and temperature data to provide pilots with real-time in-flight decision support to select the most optimal flight level in all stages of cruise to save fuel, CO2 emissions, time and costs. While at the same time avoiding hazardous turbulence and enhancing flight safety.

12:45 - 14:00
  • Location: Atrium
14:00 - 15:30
Vendor Showcase: EFB and Flight Operations Solutions – Part 2
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry-leading Flight Ops and EFB Solutions, such as Flight Planning, Flight Ops Management, Communications, Connectivity, Performance, and more; and EFB Software, Hardware and Real-Time Flight Deck Apps. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. PIVOT
  2. The Weather Company
  3. CEFA Aviation
  4. DynamicSource
  5. Taillog EFB Systems
  6. Air Support
  7. Flightkeys
  8. Avionics Support Group
  9. OffBlock
  10. OpenAirlines
  11. REDiFly
  12. Information Design
15:30 - 16:15
  • Location: Atrium
16:15 - 16:45
EFB Keynote: Airline EFB Challenges, and What's Next? The Rise of New Technologies
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Klaus Olsen, CEO/EFB Administrator, EFB Admin Services

In this presentation, EFB Guru Klaus Olsen looks at the most common challenges facing airlines today with their EFB projects including real-time connectivity, security and compliance, and integration with other key airline systems.  He will showcase some case study examples from recent airline projects; as well as a look at the benefits of outsourcing EFB administration. Finally, Klaus will look ahead to what’s next with EFB Technology.  With the rise of new technologies such as AI / ML, predictive analytics and automation will streamline processes, plus enhanced connectivity, integrations, and cybersecurity.

16:45 - 17:15
Case Study: City Airlines – Lufthansa’s Roadmap to a Rapid Airline Launch through Adoption of Standardized Flight Operations Processes and Content
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Dominik Weber, Head of Flight Operations Support, Lufthansa CityLine; and Maike Upmann, Product Manager, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

In this case study, explore Lufthansa’s strategic use of their harmonized CCMS (Component Content Management System) in the swift launch of ‘City Airlines’. This case study emphasizes how the existing group-wide documentation system, underpinned by a specialized software solution, allowed for smooth integration and rapid adoption of standardized processes and content. The case study will detail the steps from early strategy to the practical integration of ‘City Airlines’.

17:15 - 17:45
Case Study: Rolls-Royce - Digital strategy utilizing latest technologies, such as AI and data analytics to drive efficiencies and value internally and for customers
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Nick Ward, VP Digital Strategy, Rolls-Royce

In this presentation Rolls-Royce takes us through its strategy and digital systems, utilizing the latest technologies such as AI, that support its products and services.  As you will see these systems allow Rolls-Royce to connect to customers for 2-way exchange of data, predict global fleet condition and maintenance requirements, execute the optimum maintenance plan, and collaborate with customer airlines (such as with real-time performance and fuel burn data), partners and the wider industry.

17:45 - 19:30
  • Location: Atrium

Sponsored by:

5th June 2024

  • 08:00 - 09:00Breakfast, Software Demos
  • 09:00 - 10:30Conference Agenda Session 1
  • 10:30 - 11:15Refreshment Break, Software Demos
  • 11:15 - 12:45Conference Agenda Session 2
  • 12:45 - 14:00Lunch Break, Software Demos
  • 14:00 - 15:30Conference Agenda Session 3
  • 15:30 - 16:00Refreshment Break, Software Demos
  • 16:00 - 17:00Conference Agenda Session 4
M&E / MRO IT Track
09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Joramco - Transforming MRO Operations into an all-Digital and Mobile Platform
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Shakespear S. Nyamande, Vice President Planning, Joramco

In 2017 Joramco embarked on a massive transformation journey to expand and modernize.  In 2019 the MRO adopted EmpowerMX an all-digital core platform to transform the MRO operations.  In this case study Joramco show how the platform has driven real-time transparency, accountability and safety across the company and is geared to utilize the capability of this mobile platform to transition to a ‘paperless’ environment in support of its planning, hangar execution, logistics, procurement, and stores activities.  You will learn how the solution has streamlined processes and improved efficiencies; and you will learn what is next on the digital roadmap embarking towards a ‘paperless’ environment.

09:30 - 10:00
Case Study: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) - The Transformation to Digital Maintenance – What you really need? Project Challenges & Successes
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Christian Steiner, Solution Architect, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS); Jacob Colstrup, AMOS Specialist Consultant, AFRY

In this case study Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) takes us through a step-by-step guide outlining its successful transformation to digital maintenance:

  • Digitalization – The Journey: What do you need to consider? Digitalizing work instructions is just your first step. You want to think about digital flows of certificates, paper forms you invented for different purposes as well as converting planning boards to digital.
  • Data cleaning/improvement: Preparing a database to be able to support digital processes is not all to consider. Not only do you have lists and Excel sheets floating around in your organization that support your operation but also knowledge in the heads of your staff. That means qualifications and authorizations need a proper review as well as the setup of your maintenance requirements.
  • Processes & Change management: The challenge of changing the mindset of your organization. Many processes will need a full revision, not only on the MRO side but also for your CAMO. How do you get an organization that is busy with daily work to support major changes now? Only see in the future will they see all the benefits and consequences of changing established procedures.
  • Training & Implementation: Introducing a new way of working to all staff at 6 base- and line stations. In Europe, with users having a huge age range, and being used to pen and paper, this confronts you with challenging tasks. CBTs only get you so far, involvement from your MRO to perform class-based training and support on shift should be considered. A phased implementation also poses challenges since some changes need to be introduced globally based on your system landscape.
10:00 - 10:30
Case Study: Safran Aircraft Engines - Advanced Technical Data and Content Management to Optimize Maintenance Processes
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Blaise Pinon, Eddy Project Manager, Safran Aircraft Engines; and Azzedine Fassi-Fihri, IT Project Manager, Safran Aircraft Engines; and Olivier Joufflineau, VP Solutions Management, Flatirons Solutions

In this case study Safran MRO outlines how it resolves MRO challenges in digesting various multiple format Manufacturer and Operator Maintenance technical data and then enhances the data to optimize maintenance process taking into consideration the work location constraints and targeted Customers requirements.  During the presentation you will see how Safran MRO is leveraging Flatirons Solutions as one of the key components to ramp-up Maintenance demand on Leap and CFM56 Engines, by optimizing the technical publication and engineering documentation process.  Flatirons Pinpoint proven experience in S1000D, ATA iSpec2200 data management and un-structured PDF allows to provide to the technician the most accurate, up to date and optimized procedure in one place.  As you will see, Flatirons Insight advanced business process and workflow allows the Engineering team to plan data change and approval, and manage impact of OEM revisions in a control and efficient manner insuring on time availability of most up to date procedures for the multiple Customers Engine maintenance events. The solution is key in improving collaboration allowing Safran to provide visibility to and getting approval from its customer and also by allowing technician on the floor to provide direct feedback to the Engineering team on procedure improvement needed.

10:30 - 11:15
  • Location: Atrium
11:15 - 11:50
MRO / M&E IT Vendor Showcase – Part 3
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry leading Aviation Maintenance IT Solutions, such as major end-to-end aircraft maintenance management systems, digital technical records, digital technical documentation, big-data analytics, predictive maintenance, M&E mobile apps and solutions, and more. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. Honeywell
  2. Flatirons Solutions
  3. OpenAirlines
  4. Orlando for TechPubs
11:50 - 12:45
Vendor Showcase: Electronic Technical Logbook (ETL/ELB) Solutions
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry’s leading Electronic Technical Logbook (ETL / ELB) and accompanying Cabin and M&E Apps. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. Conduce
  2. Trax
  3. Ultramain Systems
  4. Swiss AviationSoftware
  5. TrustFlight
  6. AvioBook
  7. REDiFly
  8. Lufthansa Technik
12:45 - 14:00
  • Location: Atrium
14:00 - 14:30
Transforming Aircraft Airworthiness & Maintenance: A Dive into AI Integration
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Sander de Bree, Chief Visionary, EXSYN Aviation Solutions

In this insightful presentation, we explore the burgeoning realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative effects on aircraft airworthiness management and maintenance. As we unravel what AI is and its underlying mechanisms, we delve into its current applications and the profound impacts it has ushered in, revolutionizing traditional practices in aircraft airworthiness management. We discuss in detail how AI is redefining the landscape of aircraft maintenance, ensuring more reliable, efficient, and safer operations. By implementing predictive maintenance, automated inspections, and data-driven decision-making, AI is not only enhancing the precision and accuracy of assessments but also significantly reducing downtime and operational costs. The presentation also sheds light on the critical perspectives of aviation regulators, highlighting their role in shaping policies, standards, and guidelines that govern AI usage in the sector. We analyze their viewpoints, emphasizing the need for robust regulatory frameworks that ensure safety, reliability, and accountability in AI implementations. Looking ahead, we cast our gaze on the future, exploring what the next five years hold for AI in aircraft airworthiness and maintenance. We delve into emerging trends, technological advancements, and the potential for AI to further integrate into various facets of aircraft airworthiness management and maintenance. However, we also strike a balanced tone by incorporating a critical evaluation of the current state of the industry. We discuss whether the aviation sector is truly ready for widespread AI adoption, addressing existing challenges, and identifying areas that necessitate improvement, adaptation, and investment. Through this presentation, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of AI’s role in aircraft airworthiness and maintenance, offering insights, perspectives, and a forward-looking view on this technological revolution.

14:30 - 15:00
Case Study: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – Creating an Airline Innovation Center to Investigate, Experiment and Accelerate the Adoption of new Technologies
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Jelle Kralt, Director of Technical Innovations, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Technology is developing at lightning speed. But how does an airline investigate which technologies have the potential to add value to operating processes and improve passenger experiences? That’s why KLM have created BlueLabs – to act as a ‘radar’ for technological developments that are not yet used or used to a limited extent at KLM. During the presentation, you will learn what BlueLabs is, the kind of projects it works on, and its impact on KLM.  As you will see creating technological advancement is a critical pillar in KLM’s vision for the future. The BlueLabs team works in close collaboration with the operational and commercial teams, experimenting with new technologies and when successful, embedding them in the business domains, with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Voice, Digital Twins and advanced Data Analytics, and more.  The challenges facing BlueLabs will also be discussed including the importance of focusing on not just the technology, but also the adaptation.

15:00 - 15:30
The Future of EFB
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Rene De Vogel, Flight Deck and Data Solutions Lead, Boeing

In this presentation, Boeing outlines the future for the digital flight deck, built around a connected EFB.  The goal is to provide the pilot with a fully integrated EFB Apps and data suite, plus live aircraft data via an AID, as well as with key airline systems and solutions. With all the real-time data available, the pilots then have the opportunity of executing flawless digital flights, from optimized take-off and landing, to cruise altitudes and speeds, to routes, and lots more.

15:30 - 16:00
  • Location: Atrium
16:00 - 16:30
Trends in Flight Operations Content Management: What airlines should be thinking about, what is influencing the future? What’s next?
  • Location: Rotunde (US $ 300.00 Amazon voucher draw session)
  • Speaker: Paul Saunders, Director of Product Management, Comply365

Join Comply365 for an insightful session exploring the ever-evolving and increasingly digital-first landscape of Flight Operations Content Management. In this presentation, we will delve into crucial technology trends that airlines should be contemplating and adopting in shaping the future of their airlines’ operations, safety and compliance. As technology continues to redefine the aviation industry, we will discuss the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies that are transforming traditional processes, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall safety as well as helping airlines to better navigate the complexities of evolving regulatory frameworks, ensuring seamless adherence to changing aviation standards.

16:30 - 17:00
Keynote: Innovative Digital Strategies to Overcome Maintenance Staff Shortages
  • Location: Rotunde (US $ 300.00 Amazon voucher draw session)
  • Speaker: Remon Sweers, VP MRO Digitalization, QOCO

The aviation maintenance industry faces serious staff shortages which can impact lead times, causing delays in flight scheduling and affecting the overall efficiency of any airline or MRO. Working digitally can help to overcome some of the challenges and the demand for a more efficient, streamlined, and paperless ways of working has never been more apparent. In this presentation Remon Sweers utilizes many years of digital airline and MRO experience to outline some innovative strategies that airlines and MROs can adopt. As you will see, by digitizing operations, processes can be automated, and data can be processed seamlessly, enabling airlines to reduce manual administration and errors, minimize turnaround times, and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

Flight Operations IT Track
09:00 - 09:30
Vendor Showcase: EFB and Flight Operations Solutions – Part 3
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry-leading Flight Ops and EFB Solutions, such as Flight Planning, Flight Ops Management, Communications, Connectivity, Performance, and more; and EFB Software, Hardware and Real-Time Flight Deck Apps. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. Boeing
  2. Smart4Aviation
  3. FLYHT
  4. DextraData
09:30 - 10:30
Vendor Showcase: Fuel Efficiency and Sustainable Aviation Solutions
  • Location: Boston 12/14

Your chance to quickly find out about the industry leading solutions designed to assist airlines with achieving their sustainability goals: including end-to-end Fuel Efficiency / Management Solutions, Real-Time Pilot Apps such as Flight
Profile, In-Flight Predictive Analytics and Pilot Advice Apps, more. Each Vendor will provide a brief 7-minute showcase of their solutions including: product overview, new customers, latest developments, and 2024/25 outlook.

Vendors presenting:

  1. OpenAirlines
  2. FLYHT
  3. Honeywell
  5. SITA
  6. Safran
  7. Boeing
10:30 - 11:15
  • Location: Atrium
11:15 - 11:45
Keynote: Digital ATC Towers and the Benefits of AI and Data for Air Traffic Controllers and airline Operations
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Andy Taylor, Chief Solutions Officer, NATS

In this keynote, NATS explains the benefits of using AI and machine learning to harness the power of operational data within the environment of a digital tower.  As you will see this identifies ways of supporting controller decision making, and increasing efficiency for all stakeholders, ATC, Airports and Airlines; for example, this might be by using the technology to simultaneously monitor multiple areas of interest across an airport – like runway exit points.  You will see how the development of the technology can be a real game changer in terms of improving airport performance, such as cutting weather-related airport delays, promoting automated voice clearances, and more. Finally, you will learn what’s next on the roadmap and the benefits for airlines.

11:45 - 12:15
Case Study: PLAY - A smooth Entry into Service through a Unique end-to-end Operations Solution
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Halldor Gudfinnsson, Director Flight Operations, PLAY Airlines; and Tomas Ingi Gunnarsson, Supervisor Dispatch, PLAY Airlines

The entry into service of a start-up airline is a critical moment. Back in 2021, PLAY selected an innovative suite of solutions covering Flight Planning, Flight Following, Operations Control, Crew Management and Aircraft Performance.

In this Case Study, Play outlines why it chose an end-to-end operations solution from NAVBLUE, automating and optimizing all operation related events from the start to the end of the flight. A robust, yet dynamic, set of solutions that enable PLAY to manage long term schedule and crew planning as well as day-of-operations with a single highly-configurable system within one application, while  empowering flight dispatchers and flight followers with optimized routes and Aircraft Situational Display (ASD) to optimize PLAY’s flight planning and enroute operations.

12:15 - 12:45
Case study: Lilium – The IT Journey to Launch; Designing a Digital Ecosystem
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Axel Voege, Head of IT DevOps Commercial & Services, Lilium

As eVTOL developer Lilium powers to launch, crucial elements to success are the digital systems and processes planned to manage the unique eVTOL operation, from flight operations to maintenance.  In this presentation, Lilium outlines the digital ecosystem it has designed to enable Lilium and its partners to deliver a unique customer experience for its operators with the highest aircraft availability and economical advantage possible.  The presentation will focus on uniquely developed tools such as setting up an integrated Aircraft Health Management system based upon digital twin technology, IoT, AI and predictive Maintenance.  You will also learn about the systems and solutions Lilium plans to roll-out to optimize flight operations processes.

12:45 - 14:00
  • Location: Atrium
14:00 - 14:30
Case Study: StandardAero - Building an AI-powered Engine Predictive Maintenance Solution
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Guillaume Limouzy, Regional Sales Director - Airlines and Large Fleets, StandardAero

In this case study one of the world’s largest Independent MROs, StandardAero, walks us through its project to build an in-house Engine Predictive Maintenance Solution using the latest technologies such as AI and ML.  The presentation will look at the challenges facing maintenance planners, and the need for advanced data analytics solutions, to optimize maintenance efficiency, costs and the remaining useful life of the engine.  You will see how the StandardAero solution collects data from maintenance systems, runs reliability analyses, utilizes system level reliability and cost models, and then uses reliability and readiness tools to provide early warning of changes in failure patterns, determine the optimum work scope based on cost and reliability, provide more accurate supply chain forecasts, and increase mission readiness with analysis of if the engine will make the next scheduled downtime.

14:30 - 15:00
Case Study: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – Creating an Airline Innovation Center to Investigate, Experiment and Accelerate the Adoption of new Technologies
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Jelle Kralt, Director of Technical Innovations, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Technology is developing at lightning speed. But how does an airline investigate which technologies have the potential to add value to operating processes and improve passenger experiences? That’s why KLM have created BlueLabs – to act as a ‘radar’ for technological developments that are not yet used or used to a limited extent at KLM. During the presentation, you will learn what BlueLabs is, the kind of projects it works on, and its impact on KLM.  As you will see, creating technological advancement is a critical pillar in KLM’s vision for the future. The BlueLabs team works in close collaboration with the operational and commercial teams, experimenting with new technologies and when successful, embedding them in the business domains, with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Voice, Digital Twins and advanced Data Analytics, and more.  The challenges facing BlueLabs will also be discussed including the importance of focusing on not just the technology, but also the adaptation.

15:00 - 15:30
The Future of EFB
  • Location: Rotunde
  • Speaker: Rene De Vogel, Flight Deck and Data Solutions Lead, Boeing

In this presentation, Boeing outlines the future for the digital flight deck, built around a connected EFB.  The goal is to provide the pilot with a fully integrated EFB Apps and data suite, plus live aircraft data via an AID, as well as with key airline systems and solutions. With all the real-time data available, the pilots then have the opportunity of executing flawless digital flights, from optimized take-off and landing, to cruise altitudes and speeds, to routes, and lots more.

15:30 - 16:00
  • Location: Atrium
16:00 - 16:30
Trends in Flight Operations Content Management: What airlines should be thinking about, what is influencing the future? What’s next?
  • Location: Rotunde (Amazon Voucher Session Draw)
  • Speaker: Paul Saunders, Director of Product Management, Comply365

Join Comply365 for an insightful session exploring the ever-evolving and increasingly digital-first landscape of Flight Operations Content Management. In this presentation, we will delve into crucial technology trends that airlines should be contemplating and adopting in shaping the future of their airlines’ operations, safety and compliance. As technology continues to redefine the aviation industry, we will discuss the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies that are transforming traditional processes, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall safety as well as helping airlines to better navigate the complexities of evolving regulatory frameworks, ensuring seamless adherence to changing aviation standards.

16:30 - 17:00
Keynote: Innovative Digital Strategies to Overcome Maintenance Staff Shortages
  • Location: Rotunde (Amazon Voucher Session Draw)
  • Speaker: Remon Sweers, VP MRO Digitalization, QOCO

The aviation maintenance industry faces serious staff shortages which can impact lead times, causing delays in flight scheduling and affecting the overall efficiency of any airline or MRO. Working digitally can help to overcome some of the challenges and the demand for a more efficient, streamlined, and paperless ways of working has never been more apparent. In this presentation Remon Sweers utilizes many years of digital airline and MRO experience to outline some innovative strategies that airlines and MROs can adopt. As you will see, by digitizing operations, processes can be automated, and data can be processed seamlessly, enabling airlines to reduce manual administration and errors, minimize turnaround times, and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

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Speaker Profiles

Al Alawi, Masaud

Manager – Aircraft Data and Digital Operations, Etihad Airways

Masoud has over 23 years of aviation experience, with a primary focus in the Continued Airworthiness Management Organization. His background encompasses diverse roles including project management, reliability program implementation, technical publication control, and procedural and process optimization. He has contributed his skills working for Gulf Air, Oman Air and currently with Etihad Airways.
Masoud has been involved in high profile initiatives during his career, including reduction of the direct maintenance cost using reliability analytical tools, stringent modification cost control and spearheading procedural and processes enhancements.
Presently, Masoud is in the forefront of Etihad’s Technical digital transformation and is taking charge of harnessing the power of aircraft digital platforms to enhance and improve operational efficiencies.

Bachan, Allan

Vice President, ICF

Allan is a Vice President at ICF with 32 years of industry experience as an Aviation M&E, MRO and Supply Chain solutions and systems domain expert. He is responsible for ICF’s MRO Operations and IT practice and he manages the Aircraft Commerce Consulting relationship with ICF. He specializes in solution blueprinting for MRO, Supply Chain and ancillary IT systems
His experience includes managing application design, development, and full cycle implementation – from selection to go-live – for strategic clients in the MRO industry using different commercially available MRO IT products. He has also spearheaded many carriers’ M&E and MRO systems solution design, customizations, integrations and implementations including project governance, data migration and change management.
In his career, Allan has fulfilled the following leadership roles:
• MRO IT practice and technical lead for industry leading solutions companies realizing more than 20 go-lives involving at least 8 different systems
• MRO systems Product Principal for a large global IT solutions and systems integration company
• M&E and MRO Solutions Director for a large global aviation software and solutions provider
• Manager of Technical Records, Maintenance Planning and Production Control at a mid-size commercial airline with full MRO

Barth, Holger

Head of AMOS Competence Center and Technical Documentation, Condor Airline

Holger Barth has 30 years of experience in aviation. His current focus is on Continuing Airworthiness Management, process optimization and digitalization. He is currently driving the introduction of Condor's eTL, eSign and digital technical documentation systems. In addition, as part of Condor's transformation, the data structure and processes of Condor AMOS are being redesigned to meet the requirements of agile and flexible fleet management and to support the current reflecting.
He started as system engineer for structures, engines and APU for B757/B767 and was also AMOS key user and trainer. He became Head of Troubleshooting and Product Engineering for MD-11F and B777. During all these years he also worked as design and compliance verification engineer within the EASA Part 21.J organization of Lufthansa Technik.
Driven by a constantly challenging environment, Holger has implemented various IT solutions in his teams, developed business process models and initiated process improvements and optimization projects.
With a strong engineering and operational background combined with profound AMOS and IT knowledge, he joined the Lufthansa AMOS implementation and process standardization project in 2018 until he took over responsibility for Condor's AMOS Competence Center and Technical Documentation department in 2021, where he continuously works on the digitalization of the Continuing Airworthiness Management and Maintenance Organization.

Colstrup, Jacob

AMOS Specialist Consultant, AFRY

Jacob Colstrup has more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. His career started in 1994 as an aircraft mechanic apprentice in Scandinavian Airlines. Next step was B1/B2 license on several aircraft types and working different positions within aircraft maintenance gaining extensive knowledge on both processes and regulations. In 2007 Jacob started to mostly work in change- and efficiency projects, that some years later ended up in a pre-study to replace the M&E software of Scandinavian Airlines at the time. In 2013 Jacob joined the AMOS implementation project and was part of the project until the implementation in 2016. In parallel to the project, he used his spare time to complete a management degree and graduated same year. After the implementation he was assigned the position as keyuser and responsible for the P145 part of AMOS. Jacob continued the passion for projects, but now with a more digital approach. Among other projects he has been a part of the implementation of the Ultramain ELB and implementation of AMOSmobile in Scandinavian Airlines. In 2023 he chose a new path in his career and took the position as systems specialist at AFRY to continue the work with digital projects. This has already enabled him to be part of new digital projects, both within aviation and defense.

Campbell, Gail

Senior Manager Maintenance Information Systems, Canadian North

Gail is the Senior Manager Maintenance Information Systems with Canadian North an airline based in Ottawa Canada. Gail has been with Canadian North for 30 years starting her career in 1994 in the accounting department, after 15 years she moved to the Technical Operation Center where she perfected her understanding of Maintenance Operations. She then attained the role of Manager of Technical Records and Trax Administration and was recently promoted to Senior Manager Maintenance Information Systems.
Gail has had many opportunities to work with internal departments learning the many different aspects of maintenance and systems that will help move the airline to a paperless environment. Gail has also played a key role in training, setting up internal processes and getting Trax/eMRO to work for Canadian North. Gail is very excited to be able to share her experiences with you implementing M3 Kiosk Solution on the road to a paperless environment.

de Bruyn, Gerard

Product Owner F&TS – Fleet & Technical Services, Transavia

Gerard de Bruyn is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the Aircraft maintenance domain. With an innovative mindset and a passion for cutting-edge technology, he played a pivotal role in the Entry into Service team of the Airbus A321NEO, contributing to its successful integration and operation.

Over the past two years, Gerard has served as the Product Owner of the technical department at Transavia, leveraging his expertise to drive forward-thinking solutions and strategies. His extensive background and hands-on experience have earned him a reputation for delivering results and outside-the-box solutions. Gerard is recognized for his problem-solving abilities and commitment to excellence.

de Vogel, Rene

Flight Deck and Data Solutions Lead, Boeing

Rene de Vogel is a recognized leader, with a demonstrated history of success. His 19 years of experience at KLM and 7 years at Boeing are providing him with a solid professional basis. Currently he represents the Digital Aviation Solutions Portfolio for Eastern Hemisphere.

His strength lies very much in bringing different worlds together by using his extensive expertise from both Airline Operations and Product Management.

Rene has a proven track record of driving efficiency, streamlining processes, and optimizing resources to deliver outstanding results.

With his customer-centric approach, Rene prioritizes the needs and satisfaction of clients, ensuring that their expectations are met. He strives to build strong and lasting relationships with customers, understanding that their success is ultimately a reflection of his own.

de Norman, Emmanuel

Deputy Chief Pilot, Transavia France

With a flying experience of 18 years in Turkey, Central Africa and Europe and recently joined TRANSAVIA France, the Air France Low Cost.
Playing a key role to bind Transavia projects and the pilots on several operational projects to optimize the operational performance, engaging pilots on their fuel consumption and the airline fuel plan. Working in relation with external partners, such as regulators, tech companies, and airports with the pilot’s operational feedback to develop robust and operational tools and procedures.

de Bree, Sander

Chief Visionary, EXSYN Aviation Solutions

Sander de Bree orchestrates the strategic vision and innovation at EXSYN Aviation Solutions, a company at the forefront of aircraft data management and reliability solutions. With a deep-rooted expertise in IT systems for aircraft maintenance and a profound understanding of data management, Sander has become an instrumental figure in shaping the digital landscape of aviation maintenance.
Sander has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, complemented by specialized knowledge in human factors, continuous airworthiness management, and aircraft maintenance. Furthermore, his expertise extends into IT and business systems, marking him as a leader who not only understands the technical nuances of the industry but also grasps the subtleties of the aviation business landscape. Through his visionary outlook and commitment to excellence, Sander de Bree continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of aviation technology, ensuring that EXSYN Aviation Solutions remains synonymous with innovation, reliability, and efficiency in the aviation sector.

Fassi-Fihri, Azzedine

IT Project Manager, Safran Aircraft Engines

Azzedine has more than 10 years of experience in IT Industrial Consulting.
He has been working at DXC Technology and Accenture for many clients (manufacturing, aeronautics, energy, transport, etc.).
He participated to various Digital Transformation Program/Projects for various industrial: such as ERP, PLM and MES deployment program in the world.
Since 2022, he started working for Safran Aicraft Engines as IS business Partner for Military Direction.
Then in Juin 2023, he joined EDDY Project, as IT Project Manager, aiming at implementing a tool for visualization and enrichment of the S1000D and ATA iSPec2200 based on Flatirons solutions.

Godwin, Nick

Conference Co-Chair, Independent Consultant

Nick’s career started in 1980 with British Aerospace and for 23 years he was heavily involved in leading the worldwide marketing, analysis and technical selling of BAE Systems Regional Aircraft products and services, including the Jetstream and ATP families of turboprop aircraft and the Avro RJ/BAe146 jet airliners.

Nick served for 9 years as an elected Board Member of the European Regions Airline Association.

Having worked for BAe in Prestwick, Scotland; Weybridge, England and Washington DC, he was part of the team that helped create Aero International Regional (AI(R)), a Joint Venture with the Franco-Italian turboprop airliner manufacturer, ATR based in Toulouse, where he actively marketed regional airliners.

From early 2004 until May 2008 served in Derby, England as Marketing Director - Civil Aviation for Data Systems & Solutions, a Rolls-Royce subsidiary, supporting worldwide market and product strategies for DS&S’ range of web-based predictive services, engine health monitoring and electronic techlogs for the aviation marketplace.

Nick was appointed as Business Development Director of Commsoft in May 2008 and 2 years later was promoted to Managing Director, with responsibility for winning new customer business, successfully growing the customer base, partnerships and services worldwide for the OASES MRO IT system.

Nick left Commsoft OASES in April 2020 and has been offering sales and marketing consultancy since then.

Graesch, Dr. Jan Philipp

Product Lead Reliability Solutions AVIATAR, Lufthansa Technik

Jan Philipp started his career with Lufthansa Technik in 2009 within the field of mechanical engineering research. He participated in various research projects with several aviation industry and academic partners within Hamburg. He has been working as Senior Product Sales Manager for Aircraft Components Support globally and later for the digital solutions of AVIATAR. Since 2020 Jan Philipp is Product Lead for the Monitor & Detect and Reliability solutions at AVIATAR.

Gudfinnsson, Halldor

Director Flight Operations, PLAY Airlines

Halldor Gudfinnsson is a seasoned aviation professional with a career spanning over two decades. With extensive experience in various roles within the aviation industry, he has demonstrated exceptional skills in flight operations, crew training, and safety standards.
Currently serving as the Director of Flight Operations at PLAY in Reykjavik, Iceland, Halldor oversees all company flight operations, ensuring compliance with international aviation regulations and maintaining high safety standards.
Prior to this, Halldor was the Director of Crew Training at PLAY, where he was responsible for the compliance monitoring within the training department and the establishment of professional prerequisites for flight crew members. His tenure included significant contributions to the development and delivery of training programs, ensuring adherence to EASA regulations, and fostering a high-performance culture.
Halldór also brings a wealth of consultancy experience, having worked as an EBT Instructor for IATA and various training organisations.
At WOW Air, he served as the Deputy Director of Training and Chief Training Captain, where he was instrumental in the design and implementation of pilot training programs, cost reduction initiatives, and the introduction of competency-based grading systems.
Halldor began his aviation career with Air Atlanta Icelandic, where he held various positions including TRE/TRI, Line Training Captain, and Captain for Boeing 747 and 737 aircraft.

Haas, Christian

Group Process Architect for Engineering, Lufthansa Group

Christian started his career in the Lufthansa Group during his studies of Aviation and Aerospace in 2014 supporting the departments for Operation Research and Flight Safety. After completing the MSc in 2015 he has been working as a Reliability Engineer for SWISS. Since 2021 he took over the position of the Group Process Architect for Engineering. In this role he is coordinating standards among the different Lufthansa Group airlines to align processes and tools.

Ingi Gunnarsson, Tómas

Supervisor Dispatch, PLAY

Tómas Ingi Gunnarsson is an experienced aviation professional who currently holds a position as Supervisor Dispatch at PLAY airlines.
Tómas began his journey with PLAY airlines from day one, contributing to both the commercial side and operations.
Over the past three years, he has been a part of the Operations Control Centre, where he now holds the position of Supervisor Dispatch. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the airline's flight plans and load sheets, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
One of the achievements that Tómas is proud of is the successful implementation of ETOPS operations at PLAY airlines, which has enhanced the airline's operational capabilities and significant fuel savings.
Tómas holds a Commercial Pilot License, which underscores his understanding and expertise in aviation.

Joufflineau, Oliver

VP Solutions Management, Flatirons Solutions

Olivier has 35 years of experience in the aeronautics sector providing solutions to allow OEM, MRO, Operators to optimize the management of their technical operation documents and associated process.
Olivier is responsible for the Solutions and Product Management, including building the Flatirons strategic roadmap and implementing continuous customer feedback and revenue growth. He started his professional career at Jouve in 1988 as Software Engineer. In 1991, Olivier developed the first IETP viewer for Airbus and Boeing. In 1996, Olivier moved to the USA to build the USA operation. Previously, Olivier has held several positions from Sales Engineer to Quality Engineer, Product Manager, Customer Support Director, and Product R&D VP. Olivier is passionate about evolving the product to help move the industry forward. When you work for Flatirons, innovation comes from caring about what we do and making a positive change in how our customers do business.

Jackwitz, Svein-Erik

Fuel Manager, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Svein Erik Jackwitz is a pilot with over 35 years of aviation experience, having joined Scandinavian Airlines in 1990. He has extensive experience operating both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft.
Svein Erik holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which complements his piloting skills by providing a good foundation in aerodynamic physics and aircraft behavior. This enables him to have a thorough understanding of practical, efficient and sustainable flying.
Since 2019, he has been involved in SAS Flight Operations, concentrating on enhancing fuel efficiency by improving data quality and availability, fostering better collaboration between departments, and developing strategies that focus on both pilot skills and company knowledge. These efforts are all aimed at ultimately reducing the environmental impact of airline operations.

Kralt, Jelle

Director of Technical Innovations, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Jelle started his professional journey in the technology sector, transforming a childhood hobby of building websites into a career. Since joining KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 2023, Jelle has held the role of Director of Technical Innovation, where he oversees BlueLabs. A department that is dedicated to advancing KLM’s technological capabilities, enhancing customer services, and fostering innovative solutions across operational and commercial departments.
Prior to his current position, Jelle served as an Engineering Manager where he led a dynamic team of software engineers and managed key accounts. Jelle's educational background includes a BSc in Computer Science from Hogeschool Leiden, supplemented by earlier studies in IT and Media Technology.

Lindström, Olov

Fleet Chief Pilot, Norse Atlantic Airways

Captain Olov Lindström is the Fleet Chief Pilot at Norse Atlantic Airways. With a background spanning 25 years in aviation, he has previously worked for Vietnam Airlines, Norwegian, and Ryanair. At Norse, he played a key role in planning and operating the first Boeing 787 landing in Antarctica.

Orumaa, Otto

Operations Excellence Manager, Finnair

Leveraging over 7 years of aviation experience and prior expertise in analytics, Otto drives operational excellence within the Material Management area of Finnair. He spearheads development projects and reporting initiatives, optimizing material management processes, and positioning the team for future success. His passion for efficiency extends to his role as the local Amos SU.

Olsen, Klaus

CEO/EFB Administrator, EFB Admin Services

Klaus has more than 16 years of EFB Administrator experience, earlier for Norwegian Air, Flyr, and now for a handful of airlines..
He manages EFB Admin Services Int. AS who delivers EFB Admin services under the oro.gen.205 and EFB support to airlines and suppliers world-wide.
Klaus comes from a background as IT operations manager for Norwegian Financials Daily for close to 2 decades and is a cyber security certified engineer.
He is well known for his work ethic, which is often referred to as 24/7/365.
A main contributor to EFB development with software, hardware, and connectivity providers, and never afraid to look at, and implement, new technology if it seems beneficial for more effective operations and a safer cockpit.
Hands-on problem-solver with high work-ethic and even higher pace of work. Outspoken, creative, constructive listener, who never sugar coats (unfortunately…).
More than once mistaken for being ignorant, frequently socially incompetent, and with a sense of humour that only the rarest seem to grasp.
Despite this, openness, seriousness, and quality do tend to be key elements in all his activities.

Pinon, Blaise

Eddy Project Manager, Safran Aircraft Engines

Blaise has 20 years of experience in the aeronautics sector, at the French equipment manufacturer Safran.
Since 2015, he has been working in Engineering in the field of aircraft engine maintenance, and more specifically in the technical documentation of the Maintenance Workshops.
Since 2023, he is business project manager for the implementation of a tool for visualization and enrichment of the S1000D and ATA iSPec2200 documentation based on Flatirons solutions.

Rytter, David


David Rytter is the CEO of AVTECH Sweden. Prior to becoming the CEO, he served as Chief Technical Officer leading the development of AVTECH’s services. Before that he was also Head of Aventus Nowcast, AVTECH’s wind uplink service, and a project manager for different development projects. Not only does he have a great knowledge and experience of AVTECH’s products and services he also flies as a voluntary pilot for the Swedish Voluntary Flying Corps (FKK) since 2006.

David holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Sweers, Remon

VP MRO Digitalization, QOCO

Remon Sweers is an industry visionary and expert in Aircraft Maintenance digitization, renowned for pioneering transformative solutions. With a track record of optimizing operations and delivering tangible results, he's a trusted authority in industrial digitization.
Innovation Leadership: Remon possesses a remarkable ability to envision and implement groundbreaking strategies, reshaping MRO processes. His unwavering commitment to technological advancement has led to pioneering developments, including digital signatures, digital archiving, automated drone inspections, and LEAN pit stop strategies for hangar maintenance.
Process Improvement Expertise: With a keen eye for process optimization, Remon has successfully streamlined complex MRO operations, reducing downtime, minimizing costs, and improving overall operational efficiency. The data-driven approach and continuous improvement mindset have become industry benchmarks.

Steiner, Christian

Solutions Architect, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Christian began his aviation journey amidst the bustling activity of Lufthansa Cargo's warehouse in London. There he found his passion for the intricacies of aviation logistics.
Transitioning from the warehouse floor to a desk at Lufthansa Systems, Christian embraced the realm of technology, assuming the role of a project manager. Here, he honed his skills in coordinating complex projects, ensuring that technology seamlessly integrated into the aviation ecosystem.
Eager to broaden his horizons, Christian embarked on a new chapter with Swiss AviationSoftware, where he embraced the role of a business consultant for aviation maintenance. Collaborating with airlines worldwide, he delved into the intricacies of aviation maintenance software solutions, leveraging his expertise to optimize operations and drive efficiency. His tenure at Swiss AviationSoftware underscored his ability to translate technical expertise into tangible business solutions, solidifying his reputation as a versatile professional in the aviation maintenance sector.
Today, Christian stands as a seasoned solution architect, navigating the complexities of modern aviation maintenance with Scandinavian Airlines. Drawing from his diverse experiences across various facets of the industry, he spearheads the development of innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of Scandinavian Airlines. His strategic vision and technical acumen continue to shape the future of aviation, ensuring Scandinavian Airlines remains at the forefront of industry innovation.

S. Nyamande, Shakespear

Vice President Planning, Joramco

Shakespear Nyamande has over 17 years of extensive experience across multiple continents in aviation maintenance having started off with a B1 Apprenticeship at Air Zimbabwe before working with Etihad Aviation Group, H+S Aviation and Air Astana. Shakespear brings a unique blend of technical expertise and financial acumen to the forefront of the aviation industry. Currently serving as Vice President of Planning at Joramco, Shakespear has held pivotal roles across various domains within the aviation sector, seamlessly transitioning between technical and financial functions in both airlines and MRO’s. This versatility has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of aviation operations, enabling him to approach challenges with a holistic perspective.
Shakespear has consistently spearheaded initiatives aimed at driving efficiency, lowering costs and enhancing operational productivity and performance. He has strong problem-solving abilities which enable him to identify opportunities for improvement and implement innovative solutions. Passionate about the transformative potential of digitization, Shakespear is an advocate for leveraging technology to optimize processes and revolutionize traditional practices. He believes an approach to harnessing emerging technologies will be instrumental in propelling organizations towards greater operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

Saunders, Paul

Director of Product Management, Vistair

Paul is a product visionary and geek who’s spent over 20 years in aerospace IT working with airlines, MROs, OEMs and software companies around the world. He believes that much business software sucks and is on a mission to redress that. Currently he’s leading a team of Product Managers, Product Specialists and Project Managers as Solutions Director at Vistair Systems. He spent the last three years outside of aerospace working in the Atlassian ecosystem and is currently banging on about bringing some of that SaaS, cloud and serverless tech into the aviation world.

Taylor, Andy

Chief Solutions Officer, NATS

Andy joined NATS as an Air Traffic Controller in 1989 and, with over 30 years of experience in the air traffic management industry, he has developed and delivered innovative ATM solutions for global customers to increase safety, airport capacity and operational performance.

Throughout his career, Andy has capitalised on emerging trends in the air traffic market and related technologies to maximise operational value to current and future customers.

As Chief Solutions Officer, Andy works across both NATS and Searidge Technologies. He is responsible for the joint development of the partnership’s transformational Digital Tower capabilities and delivery models.

Toivonen, Kaius

Project and Development Specialist, DHL Supply Chain

Kaius started his career at DHL in 2021. In 2022, he started his Graduate Program at DHL Supply Chain, working as a Project and Development Specialist. Since then, he has worked closely with Finnair Technical Operations. His main role has been the promotion of projects related to the optimization of various logistics processes and operational efficiency in Finnair Technical Operations Logistics. Kaius recently successfully graduated from Aalto University with a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Upmann, Maike

Product Manager, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Maike joined Lufthansa Industry Solutions in 2000. She started her professional career in several technical documentation projects within the Aviation Industry (MRO and Flight Ops), where she took over several roles, such as application developer, consultant, and project manager. Maike is responsible for the product management of Volabase, an XML-based content management system for Flight and Ground Ops documentation, where she currently balances customer-related requirements with IT-specific implementation for successful introduction projects.

Voege, Axel

Head of IT DevOps Commercial & Services, Lilium

Axel has joined Lilium 3 years ago, where he was setting up the IT landscape for Production and Supply Chain enabling a successful start of the production line in 2023. Since beginning of this year, he is in charge to establish and operate a digital eco system for the Commercial and Services organisation of Lilium. In that role he is defining and integrating all digital services to optimise the operation and maintenance of the aircraft as part of Lilium’s POWER-ON Services.
Axel has started his aviation industry career in 1997 at Rolls-Royce where he nearly stayed for 25 years. During his journey he held various leadership roles in Engineering and Services. For the last 10+ years he was leading the Digital Operations organisation with a focus on Engine Health Management and digital solutions to create value for aircraft operators and Rolls-Royce.

Ward, Nick

VP for Digital Systems in Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce

Nick is a 35-year veteran with Rolls-Royce, specialising in digital services. Over this career, Nick has worked in a range of industries including Defence, Marine, Oil & Gas, Rail, Energy, but most frequently Aerospace where asset value is high and data-driven decision-making is at the core of profitability. In the last 10 years Nick has led teams and programmes to create, sell and servitise solutions for the Aerospace market focusing on Predictive Maintenance and Sustainable Operations. In the last 5 years he has overseen a major investment in the Rolls-Royce IntelligentEngine digital technologies (safe & secure cloud, AI, IoT, big data science, customer experience) which underpin the new generation of Rolls-Royce TotalCare services. Currently, Nick oversees the digital strategy for the Rolls-Royce aftermarket business.

Weber, Dominik

Head of Flight Operations Support, Lufthansa CityLine

Dominik started his career in the Lufthansa Group in 2015 shortly ahead of graduating in International Marketing Management.
After his studies, he has been working within the Flight Operations Support of Lufthansa CityLine as well as in the Area Management Asia-Pacific in Singapore before returning to Lufthansa CityLine as Manager of Flight Operations Support. Shortly after, he took over the lead of this division, being responsible for operational procedures, flight operational IT, crew administration, fuel-saving strategies, as well as documentation control. Recently he completed his Executive MBA at the Technical University of Munich.



Workshop Session

Revolutionizing M&E and MRO Process Creation and Improvement with Generative AI*

*This workshop is now fully booked.

Monday 3rd June – 14:00 – 17:30 (Includes Coffee Break: 15:30 – 16:00)

There are only 60 seats available for this Workshop session.  Please use the registration form below to book your seat.

Workshop Overview:

During this Workshop session you’ll learn how to interactively use Generative AI to Automatically:

  • Map non-structure text-based operating procedure files into end-to-end process flows
  • Turn images into digital processes in seconds
  • Create process frameworks and detailed process maps in seconds based on aviation industry best practices
  • Gain process insights and AI / ML recommendations for improvement
  • Convert employee natural language process description diction into detailed process flows (institutionalizing staff knowledge)
  • Co-creating business and technology step-by-step (role specific) system activity detailed work-instructions
  • Create and assess regulatory requirements and business goals (KPIs) based on quality & compliance needs
  • Produce risk registries for assessment and industry best practice controls
  • Mine system database logs to visualize process flows
  • …..and much more

Workshop Hosted by: Allan Bachan, VP, ICF and supported by Interfacing Technologies.

Register your seat:


  • Company:Applied Database Technology (ADT)
  • Stand:1
  • Website:

Applied Database Technology (ADT) provides solutions to companies that operate, maintain, repair and overhaul aircraft. WINGS software, MRO / M&E solution, is an all-inclusive aviation maintenance management system created and designed exclusively for Airlines, CAMO organizations and MRO companies that service commercial and military fixed-wing, rotary-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and military aircraft.

Wings Software modules fulfil airworthiness requirements while also ensuring regulatory compliance.

• Comprehensive and innovative Mobile solution supporting online and offline operations
• Paperless Operations with OEM Document Integration
• Hazard Identification and Prediction via Deep Learning based approach with ACARS
• Multi-project Optimization for Part 145 Operations
• Integrated solution for engine MRO services

ADT offers WINGS, a highly configurable web-based system, provides implementation services, user training, data migration, interface programming, on-site support and other professional services.

  • Company:IFS
  • Stand:2&3
  • Website:
  • Social:

IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations.

Through its aerospace and defense offering, IFS is the only software vendor that can deliver both end-to-end and best-of-breed enterprise asset management solutions for commercial aviation and defense forces, A&D manufacturers, defense contractors and A&D MRO providers. IFS software delivers a full spectrum of modern, powerful and user-friendly enterprise solutions that support cost reduction and optimal achievement of required service levels throughout the asset lifecycle of aviation and defense fleets.

For more information, visit

  • Company:Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  • Stand:4
  • Website:
  • Social:

As IT consultant and systems integrator, Lufthansa Industry Solutions covers the entire spectrum of IT services – from idea to development and implementation of custom IT solutions up to operations (end-to-end). In projects for the digitalization of processes and services, in particular, we participate right from the start and also advise our customers strategically.

During operations, too, we don’t leave our customers to themselves and support IT solutions in application management, with increasing frequency also in the cloud.

We have extensive experience with the design and development of large IT solutions and both implement standard software and realize high-quality custom developments.


One of our flagship products is Volabase, a SaaS (Software as a Service) product specifically designed for the aviation industry.
Volabase enables airlines with one or more fleets to operate an efficient documentation process for all participants along the process chain. The modular, fully customizable solution for flight and ground operations is made up of three elements – the Volabase CMS content management system, the Volabase Library document library and the Volabase Viewer app for end-users. From the creation and editing of digital documents in the back office to the simplified sharing, retrieval and reading of information and standards, Volabase simplifies the flow of information, helping to ensure smooth flight operations.

To learn more visit and

  • Company:Smart4Aviation
  • Stand:5
  • Website:
  • Social:

Smart4Aviation is the global provider of Operational Solutions to the Airline Industry. The company founded to provide web-based products and services to optimize, simplify and improve airline operations. The company is committed to the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions and development processes.

In Smart4Aviation’s product portfolio you can find the following solutions:
– Load Planning, Weight & Balance, Payload Management,
– EFB & Mobile solutions for Pilots and Cabin Crew,
– Communication & Alerting,
– Real Time Flight Tracking,
– Pilot & Cabin Crew Briefing,
– Weather Station & NOTAMs Management,
– Document Management & e-Reporting,
– Flight Planning.

  • Company:SkyPath
  • Stand:6
  • Website:
  • Social:

SkyPath is a unique crowdsourcing platform based on a patented algorithm that utilize the iPad accelerometers, detects turbulence with great accuracy, and notifies pilots and ground operation services regarding upcoming encounters, all in real-time. This enables airlines and crew members to ensure the safety of passengers and crew, and also to enhance operational efficiency.
SkyPath ecosystem provides a native App and Web browser to its airline customers together with SDK and API for integration and data-providing services.

40,000 SkyPath users in the last year
4500 flights a day
45M turbulence reports, just in the last 90 days

Come and visit our stand for a demo and start a free trial.

  • Company:Boeing Company
  • Stand:7&8
  • Company:SITA
  • Stand:9
  • Website:
  • Social:

SITA is an air transport industry’s IT provider, committed to foster collaboration between the aviation world by sharing and bridging data. Our technology powers more consistent, safe and sustainable air travel. With around 2,500 customers, SITA’s solutions drive operational efficiencies at more than 1,000 airports while delivering the promise of the connected aircraft to customers of 17,700 aircraft globally. SITA also provides technology solutions that help more than 70 governments strike the balance of secure borders and seamless travel. Our communications network connects every corner of the globe and we bridge 45% of the air transport community’s data exchange.

AT SITA, sustainability and efficiency are at the core of our identity, to improve flight operations, air traffic management and aircraft maintenance through three main services.

Communications between aircraft and people all around the world
Data and platforms, creating valuable insights for the aviation industry.
Applications, providing user-friendly tools for people’s empowerment.

SITA is 100% owned by the industry and driven by its needs. It is one of the most internationally diverse companies, providing services in over 200 countries and territories. For further information, go to

  • Company:AVIOBOOK
  • Stand:10&11
  • Website:
  • Social:

AVIOBOOK, a Thales Group company, is uniquely positioned to bring together the latest robust technologies to design world-class, secure, easy-to-use software and hardware solutions for all types of aircraft. With extensive experience in software and hardware, our innovative solutions maximise the efficiency of aircraft and their crew. We provide integrated applications, systems, and services to increase operational efficiency and enhance operational decision making.

Software: Our AVIOBOOK application suite
Pilots, cabin crew, dispatchers and ground staff can use the AVIOBOOK application suite anywhere. It has been designed not only to facilitate the day-to-day tasks of flight stakeholders but to break down the communication silos that prevent data from getting into the right hands.

AvioBook Flight – The all-in-one solutions for pilots

All the information pilots need is within reach, integrated with the back office & tailored to your airline procedures. AvioBook’s intuitive, user-friendly EFB provides your teams with smart data that flows across the various modules. We simplify flight processes so your pilots can focus on what is important.

AvioBook Cabin – An intuitive application for cabin crew

AvioBook Cabin is an intuitive product in which all the data flows seamlessly from the flight deck and ground, right to your tablet or smartphone. Quickly retrieve catering or flight information and go for an unparalleled level of operational performance and customer service.

AvioBook Connect – Secure communication connecting everyone
AvioBook Connect organises all users into flight groups automatically created and updated for each flight. Share live updates, monitor the flight status or simply check in with your crew members. Connect can include additional stakeholders, like catering or contract maintenance, depending on the needs of your airline.

AvioBook Tech – Helps maintenance work smoothly

With instant access to unambiguous, detailed defect reports; technicians will be able to anticipate maintenance actions, work more efficiently and keep your MOCC informed every step of the way. Go for maximum operational performance with minimal margin for error and faster turnaround times.

AvioBook Base – Managing EFB and aircraft data has never been easier
The process of organising and pushing relevant data to the crew and ground staff devices is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep the cockpit connected and maximise safety with AvioBook Base. For OCCs and dispatchers, Base Globe will enhance operational awareness.

AvioCast – Stay connected every step of the way

AvioCast is an innovative, patented concept that is unique on the market. Our 3-in-1 QAR/AID/WAP solution allows you to wirelessly offload FDM data and share live updates with the crew. Keep your aircraft connected & your data secure while minimising installation and certification costs.

  • Company:Comply365
  • Stand:12

In January 2024, Comply365 and Vistair announced their merger and strategic growth investment from Insight Partners and Liberty Hall Capital Partners. The combination of Comply365 and Vistair creates a leading global provider of compliance, safety and data intelligence technologies serving the aviation, defense and rail industries with over 120 customers located in more than 30 countries on 6 continents.

Comply365 and Vistair’s combination is the result of a shared vision to enhance product and service capabilities, accelerate innovation and deliver unparalleled value to customers. Together, their focus is on driving market-leading innovation that simplifies the complex Flight Operations, Engineering, Safety and Compliance ecosystem across the aviation, defense and rail sectors. With complementary and innovative mission critical solutions and an over-riding goal of ensuring exceptional service and support, Comply365 & Vistair is trusted by many of the most progressive aviation organisations worldwide.  The Comply365 & Vistair team will showcase how their combined product offering across aviation operational content management and investment in advanced data analytics for more efficient, data-informed operations, is fuelling the digital transformation of flight operations safety, and compliance.

We look forward to visiting with you at our booth! and

Comply365 | LinkedIn and Vistair Systems | LinkedIn


  • Company:QOCO Systems
  • Stand:13
  • Website:
  • Social:

QOCO Systems Ltd helps the aviation industry to succeed in the changing world by creating new ways to work, to communicate, and to utilise data. We have been a trusted partner of airlines, MROs, and aircraft OEMs for over ten years.

Our solutions provide significant inprovements to the industry’s complex processes. They enable our customers to achieve more by doing less and to realise time-savings in labour-intensive tasks. We also bring visibility to customers’s operations to support decision-making based on real-time information.

Our offering includes the following SaaS solutions: is designed to simplify the process of booking, returning and tracking tools needed for the aircraft maintenance and repairs, enables secure, automated data streams between the main collaborative players in the aviation industry. We also provide a wide range of consulting sevices for our customers’s unique needs in the areas of digitalisation, process inprovement, data analytics, and more.

Agility is built into our way of working. We always aim to fulfil the customer’s needs quickly. We follow a customer-centric approach and make it easy for our clients to succeed. On top of this, we are committed to a high level of quality and information security, which is supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant management system certification.

  • Company:OffBlock
  • Stand:14
  • Website:
  • Social:

OffBlock headquartered in Crailsheim, Germany, stands as a leading crew app in the aviation industry. Since its inception in 2018, this innovative start-up has grown rapidly with a team of dedicated professionals driving the brand forward. At the core of OffBlock’s mission is the commitment to “elevate aviation”, as also expressed in the corporate claim.

OffBlock, has created a unified platform that seamlessly aggregates all the necessary tools and information for flight crews. From interactive rosters and automated pilot logbooks to roster sharing among colleagues and with family and friends, instant messaging, and personalized layover recommendations.

OffBlock consolidates these features into one user-friendly and seamless app.

The company believes in providing not just a solution but a transformative experience for flight crews. OffBlock’s commitment to excellence in aviation is evident in every aspect of their app, making it the go-to solution for crew members seeking efficiency, connectivity, and an elevated overall experience.

  • Company:Orlando Suite for TechPubs
  • Stand:15
  • Website:
  • Social:

Orlando Suite for TechPubs is a powerful all-in-one Document Management System. With Orlando, Airlines are able to manage all manuals and users in a single and easy to use solution.

Orlando Suite is a software solution to store, edit, publish, distribute and consult Flight Ops and Maintenance & Engineering manuals as well as Airlines in-house manuals.

Orlando supports the main aeronautics documentation standards (ATA Spec 2300, ATA iSpec 2200, S1000D), manufacturers specific data models (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, …) and DITA XML open standard for Airlines in-house manuals.

The Orlando Suite is composed of seven modules designed by TechPubs functional experts, and provides an efficient and business-oriented documentation management workflow. Thanks to the Orlando Suite, Airlines can, in particular:

– save Time and Cost with a shorten document revision process and a streamlined solution for all manuals and staff.
– improve Safety and Compliance by accessing to the right information at the right time for the right person.

Orlando relies on Big Data technology that improves the user experience by offering super-fast browsing and searching features. The Orlando Suite is a full-web service available as a cloud-based SaaS solution and includes an iOS mobile application which supports both online and offline consultation.

In addition, Orlando customers benefit from premium support delivered by a dedicated experts team who knows the aeronautics business and speaks the end-users language. This team is committed to assisting Orlando customers at every stage of the documentation management workflow.

Orlando© Suite, an Infotel product

Orlando Suite for TechPubs is part of the Infotel group, a French IT Consultancy and Software Editing company. More info on

  • Company:Seabury Solutions
  • Stand:16
  • Website:
  • Social:

Seabury Solutions was established in 2002 and forms part of Seabury Capital.

Since then, we have been delivering leading IT solutions to enhance the operational and financial performance of some of the world’s largest enterprises. Utilizing decades’ of technological expertise in-house, we have leveraged this knowledge into a suite of products that enhance the decision making process for Asset Management, MROs/M&E, Regulatory Compliance, Safety Oversight & Performance Analysis.

We provide a unique implementation methodology based on the best industry and project management practices. Our legacy systems integration platform has not limitation in terms of the interfaces we can deliver.

  • Company:2MoRO
  • Stand:17
  • Website:
  • Social:

2MoRO is an innovative company dedicated to software development for the Aeronautics and Defense industry. Our commitment extends to participating in European Research & Development programs, focusing on pioneering new technologies and standards for the Aerospace Industry.

As part of the Sopra Steria Group, a European digital transformation leader with over 55,000 employees and € 5.1 billion of revenue in 2022, we contribute to a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end service offerings: consulting, systems integration, software development, infrastructure management, and business process services.

With two decades of experience, our team has collaborated with key players in Aeronautics & Defense globally, such as Airbus Helicopters, Dassault Aviation, and the Safran Group, providing Aviation Software for various purposes such as Aircraft Maintenance, Fleet Management, Configuration Control, Collaborative platforms, and Technical Referential.

Operating across Europe and Asia, we work with partners and resellers worldwide, and our software solutions are used in more than 20 countries, catering to diverse entities like OEM, Joint Ventures, Airlines, Aircraft Operators with their own MRO center, and independent MRO centers.

Our flagship offering, Aero-Webb®, is a Maintenance Information Software (MIS) designed to accommodate the specific needs of Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense companies. Certified by SAP® and adaptable for standalone use, it seamlessly complements existing ERP solutions regarding aviation and MRO-specific needs.

Additionally, our latest solution, OLATU®, is an online training platform empowering A&D companies with educational tools to train staff 24/7 on all aspects of In-Service Support. OLATU® is specifically tailored for Civil and Military Aeronautical In-Service Support (ISS), serving as a federative training platform designed by the Business for the Business.Utilizing Aero-Webb®, the training within OLATU® incorporates exercises simulating concrete scenarios adapted to different generations of aircraft and increasing complexity based on requirements. This approach not only ensures a comprehensive understanding of In-Service Support but also guarantees a quicker adoption of Aero-Webb® by the trainees, as they engage in practical and relevant exercises aligned with real-world applications.

Chosen by aircraft and engine manufacturer leaders such as Airbus Helicopters, Dassault Aviation, and Safran Group, as well as aircraft operators, airlines, or independent MROs, our solutions are backed by an R&D department capable of assisting with data migration.

At 2MoRO, we are proud to offer highly dedicated customer service, as reflected by our 95% retention rate. We work mainly on a fixed-price basis, and we hold ISO 9001 certification for aviation software development, maintenance, and support.

  • Company:Flightkeys
  • Stand:18
  • Website:
  • Social:

Flightkeys – a Vienna based software development company – has been founded in April 2015 by a team of passionate and high-profile aviation experts with very specific knowledge and long-term experience in the field of flight planning & optimization:

“Our mission is to completely re-write the science of flight management for the 21st century by precisely meeting the emerging requirements of cost-optimized airline operations, trajectory-based operations and reduction of emissions. Our research takes place in a corporate climate that promotes innovation, continuous search for excellence and ensures we have fun in what we are doing. Our focus is on affordable, user-friendly systems that provide the ultimate level of cost optimization and integrate seamlessly into future airline operations and ATM systems. FLIGHTKEYS 5D – as the only 21st century flight management system – balances airline network throughput, greenhouse gas emissions and safety in the most cost-efficient way and covers a scope far beyond any solution currently available on the market. By improving communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders in the aviation industry it leads to a smarter and more productive use of aircraft and airspace. Our vision has taken shape in an unprecedented clean-sheet development approach with a team of top software developers, technical and business supporters, test engineers and many aviation experts. We are providing our FLIGHTKEYS 5D Flight Management Service to airlines operating globally – from small operators to the largest US major carriers in the world, as well as to the business aviation community servicing together well over 6.000 aircraft producing more than 200.000 flight plans every single day. Our subsidiary companies SPACEKEYS and SKYKEYS with their RAIM Pro RAIM prediction and Loretta flightdeck assistant app services are complementing our offering!” 

Please come and visit us at our booth to learn more about our products and fr live demos of FLIGHTKEYS 5D, SPACEKEYS RAIM Pro and SKYKEYS Loretta!

  • Company:AFRY
  • Stand:19
  • Website:
  • Social:

AFRY is a global provider of engineering, design, digital, and advisory services committed to accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society. With a team of 19,000 professionals engaged in projects across more than 100 countries, our reach and expertise are extensive.

Our specialized Asset Management Systems team is comprised of dedicated professionals focused on aviation and other industries. Our service spectrum includes strategic consulting, asset portfolio evaluation and management, maturity assessments, portfolio management, and EAM implementation or improvements. Our expertise spans aviation, defense, transportation, railway, energy, process industries, and asset-intensive infrastructures.

The aviation sector is constantly undergoing change, driven by internal and global factors demanding rapid adaptation to new technologies while ensuring safety and compliance. At AFRY, we are dedicated to delivering advisory excellence in both Civil and Military Aviation. We use a programmatic method of proactively managing the acquisition, materials, services, and costs involved in maintaining the aircraft across each aircraft’s useful life, from initial acquisition to final disposition.

Whether you’re a small or large operator, MRO, or aviation supplier, AFRY offers highly experienced aviation professionals to address your challenges. Our expertise and services cover digitalization, system integration, interim management, project management, procurement support and organizational and process optimizations. We conduct comprehensive current state analyses and provide strategic roadmaps with insights, recommendations, and actionable points. Our integrated services have supported several major European infrastructure, transportation and industry service providers in maximizing the value of their assets and meeting business objectives. Visit our booth to discover how we can help enhance your operations next.

  • Company:Omega Airline Software
  • Stand:20
  • Website:
  • Social:

For more than 30 years, Omega Airline Software has been developing a smarter way to increase marketable aircrafts to flight operations and marketing departments while maintaining compliance with regulatory and engineering mandates.

Ames is an advanced planning and scheduling software system designed specifically for aircraft maintenance. It is an easy-to-use, functionally rich, browser-based system that enables the proactive management of the business of aircraft maintenance. Ames can optimize several fleets at once, providing more aircrafts in the sky for increased revenue of aircraft organizations. Customers consist of international, national, regional, and charter/business operators and include equipment from Airbus, BOEING, Bombardier, among several others.

6 Key Benefits of Ames for Your Organization:
– Optimize maintenance schedule by closing gaps
– Maximize airtime by increasing aircraft availability
– Improve planning and add value to maintenance resources
– Reduce maintenance organization operating costs
– Increase sales and profitability of maintenance services
– Decrease system and process response times

Learn more at our booth or visit us online at

  • Company:TRAX
  • Stand:21&22
  • Website:
  • Social:

TRAX USA Corp. delivers an integrated web-based ERP software solution with its eMRO product. Combined with its eMobility suite of apps, users can work anywhere with easy access to real-time information. The products support paperless workpacks and manuals, electronic signatures, biometric security, off-line capability for mobile apps, and web-based solutions. The technologically innovative software functionality contributes to a strong sustainment program that ensures fleet readiness, logistics support, operational agility, and availability for combat.

TRAX software manages multiple fleet types including fixed wing and rotorcraft. It is used by hundreds of commercial airlines, defense customers, MROs, and aviation management companies worldwide.

The system manages the following: maintenance of fleet & military assets, supply chain management, flightline maintenance, maintenance repair & overhaul, planning & resource management, digital technical publications, paperless workpacks, financial management, and more. The end-to-end functionality allows Defense operators to achieve their critical mission readiness.

TRAX is an experienced systems integrator and offers professional services to support the products. Our organizational capabilities and support solutions include: custom software development, software maintenance, mobile solutions, systems application integration, release upgrade support, cloud hosting, Project Management and implementation support, user training, business analyst consultation, business process mapping and documentation, gap analysis, data migration, Quality Assurance, and automated software testing support.

  • Company:Flygprestanda Performance Engineering
  • Stand:23
  • Website:
  • Social:

With more than 50 years of passion for aviation safety Flygprestanda develops and provides EFB solutions for Aircraft Performance and M&B as well as an Airport Obstacle Database for flight operators across the globe.

Guru2 – Aircraft Performance and M&B calculator

The easy to use Guru2 ensures safe flights, minimises engine wear, maximises take off weight and makes administration straightforward for 300+ aircraft types. Designed for use on iPad or Windows tablets as an app, or directly in your web browser. Includes an Airport database with Obstacles, Notams and Engine out procedures. Integrates with major EFB platforms and Flight planners.

DAD – Dynamic Airport Databse

Spanning 10 000+ airports worldwide, Flygprestanda’s Airport Database includes obstacle data, NOTAMs and engine out procedures. Flygprestanda’s airport data is trusted across the globe and updated with every AIRAC-cycle. The DAD is available as part of the Guru2, but is also compatible with OEM Aircraft performance software from e.g. Embraer, Boeing and Airbus.

  • Company:M3 Solutions
  • Stand:24
  • Website:
  • Social:

M3 Solutions helps some of the most innovative aerospace companies transition to mobility and drive efficiency in their MRO

M3’s self-serve solution helps aircraft maintenance teams achieve maximum hard-time by automating content deployment, including: technical publications, app updates, OS updates and any other content that is required for the engineers to have access to the latest maintenance documentation.

The M3 Platform is a seamless, 0-touch operation to secure, manage and synchronize your fleet of devices.

We will be offering an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard giveaway at each conference this year.

  • Company:Web Manuals
  • Stand:25&26
  • Website:
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Web Manuals is a SaaS company enhancing safe and efficient operations through a document management system specialized for aviation. The software has been built, evolved, and employed by +600 customers for over ten years.

Top aviation professionals have chosen our digital platform in more than 80 countries, easing document editions and improving control of their regulatory processes. With our cloud-based software, they are simplifying documentation processes and regulatory compliance with automated smart modules.

The system enhances digital compliance monitoring by connecting your documents and regulations. The software ensures complete traceability and automates alerts to notify you about normative changes. In a matter of clicks, you can update the regulations in the new revision and stay compliant for every audit. Our system is connected to the most used compliance libraries worldwide. We have regulations, certifications and requirements from EASA, FAA, CASA, OTAR, and many other standard regulations. Which also facilitates proof of compliance to inspectors and auditors with the dynamic checklists.

We are revolutionizing aviation manuals and regulatory compliance by making the digitization, authoring, and distribution of operational documentation easy and accessible to operators of all sizes. What used to be a laborious manual task is now made simple: the rapid authoring, reviewing, publishing, distribution, and control of an entire manuals library is now a seamless operation.

The entire document cycle is optimized with role-based functionalities that allow you to manage and keep track of every modification in your manuals. Our users increase document control with cross-references showing dependencies between different procedures and manuals and escalating efficiency by tracking changes throughout revisions. Online collaborations empower your team to edit the documents simultaneously, optimizing workflow, approvals, and distribution.

We have developed +150 features to ease the formatting, design, and setup of pages and chapters. All the components are designed to customize your manuals, improve documentation quality, and enrich the experience for all users. Deployed by over 63.000 aviation professionals, our system has proven to solve critical manual standardization challenges and save up to 80% of time and resources on the editing side.

Web Manuals is rapidly expanding its global presence. With offices in San Diego, New York, Singapore and Malmö, Sweden, we provide full in-house customer support, with staff live 24/7 monitoring of servers, ensuring mission-critical availability. From the implementation phase, users have available multiple guides, tutorials, and support channels that allow them to maximize our tool deployment. While increasing your expertise, you can also access valuable training and certifications to upgrade your skills as an editor or instructor.

Major partners in the aviation industry endorse our system, forming a solid partnership network. The Web Manuals Partner Community comprises trusted subject-matter experts from all corners of the aviation industry, providing leading solutions and services around the Web Manuals application. Our customers can find compliance libraries, licenses, template documents, and other partner services through the Web Manuals Store.

  • Company:Ultramain Systems
  • Stand:27&28
  • Website:
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Ultramain Systems delivers SIMPLE MOBILE PAPERLESS electronic logbook ELB software along with a comprehensive suite of MRO / M&E software. ULTRAMAIN® ELB™ – the market leading electronic logbook software is in approved paperless use at airlines worldwide. ULTRAMAIN ELB operates mobile or installed devices.

We are a proven aviation software provider, with aircraft M&E / MRO customers running paperless, end-to-end, from the cockpit to the ground, with solutions covering the aircraft logbook, line and base maintenance operations and MRO operations.

Step into the future with a fully paperless organization, by stopping at our booth to learn how using ULTRAMAIN’s comprehensive suite of integrated solutions can help you see your aircraft data FAST, ACCURATELY, and in REAL-TIME.

Come talk to us at our booth and learn how ULTRAMAIN v9, including Mobile Mechanic™ and Mobile Inventory™, to our onboard applications such as ULTRAMAIN ELB can eliminate hassles and increase profitability.

Contact Us
USI is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, with international offices located around the world.

Come see us anytime at, email us at, or give us a call: at +1 (505) 828-9000.

  • Company:Ramco Systems
  • Stand:29&30
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  • Company:Conduce
  • Stand:31
  • Website:
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At Conduce we design, develop and implement mobile solutions for the aviation industry and our core product is eTechLog8, the world leading complete paperless Electronic Technical Logbook (ELB) solution.

Electronic Logbooks provide a complete replacement for the aircraft journey, defect and technical paper logs and provide increased efficiency and cost savings alongside faster turnarounds. Become proactive about your aircraft maintenance and go paperless with Conduce today!

Approved around the World
Our Electronic Technical Logbook solution is the most trusted ELB on the market and is now certified by many national airworthiness authorities around the world, from the UK to the UAE, Spain to Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain to Brunei. Conduce are fully rolled out across multiple operator and fleet types with some thirty AOC operators around the world.

Fully Integrated
eTechLog8 was designed from day one to be fully integrated with any MRO, CAMO or Maintenance Information Systems. Customers worldwide benefit from proven, fully working integration with AMOS, TRAX, OASES, Rusada and more.

In addition, eTechLog8 can be integrated with flight ops, fuel and archiving systems such as AerData Stream, ROAM, FuelPlus and more.

Not just an Electronic Logbook
Conduce provide fully integrated companion applications to aid our mission to make aviation processes completely paperless. These include a complete replacement for the Cabin Logbook on a companion device, a comprehensive document management system, a custom forms module, data for reporting and analytics, CBT training and more.

  • Company:OpenAirlines
  • Stand:32
  • Website:
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OpenAirlines is an international software company based in Toulouse, with offices in Hong Kong, Miami, and Montreal.
Leveraging a team of airline specialists and data scientists, OpenAirlines launched SkyBreathe® 10 years ago.
Today SkyBreathe® is the leading fuel efficiency solution and the most innovative in assisting airlines to save fuel.
Powered by the largest fuel efficiency community and trained on the world’s biggest dataset, SkyBreathe® remains a user-friendly solution that involves all stakeholders and helps airlines save up to 5% on fuel. Big data algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning constantly feed SkyBreathe® analyses, making it the most accurate solution in the market. A massive community of 66 airlines worldwide, including Atlas Air, Air France, Viva Aerobus, Azul, easyJet, and DHL, actively works together on improving SkyBreathe® day by day.
In 2023, its customers saved more than 1.4 million tons of CO2, equivalent to $490 million.

Founded in 2015, Aerostrat started with the singular goal of creating a Heavy Maintenance Planning software solution to simplify the lives of our colleagues in the Aerospace industry. Our team of industry veterans have first hand experience with the challenges planners are confronted with and drove development of Aerros, our maintenance planning solution.

With a “One Stop Shop” approach, Aerros enables customers to manage their entire heavy maintenance program in one place.  Aerostrat prides itself on its customer-centric approach to building new features, and our simplicity-obsessed Software Engineers ensure every new release enhances the user experience.

Aerros leads the industry in offering Airline and MRO planners the following key benefits.

  • Automatically plan hundreds of requirements per fleet over the life of the aircraft
  • Effortlessly manage events with drag and drop, quick merge, and smart delete functionality
  • Track event changes over time and compare planned vs actual maintenance performance
  • Collaborate easily with other planners and vendors with confidential scenarios, restricted user access, and sharing features
  • Create bottom-up budgets and rolling budgets
  • Gain better insight into their business through customizable business intelligence solutions

In addition, Aerostrat also provides:

  • 24/7 multi-platform support
  • 99% Service Level Agreements and less than 24-hour support resolutions
  • Enterprise Security Standards and Compliance
  • Integrations to ERPS for signoffs, fleet data, and more

More information about Aerostrat and Aerros can be found by visiting our website at, emailing us at, or giving us a call at 888-558-2860 X1

  • Company:FLYHT
  • Stand:34
  • Website:
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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with offices in the US and Germany. We provide the industry with innovative data solutions that enable our partners to make better decisions based on Actionable Intelligence to improve operational efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. Our mission is to leave no data stranded and no action incomplete through our extensive hardware, software, weather sensors, and MRO services.
FLYHT leads the charge in the 5G connectivity evolution by bring the industry’s first 5G WQAR/AID solution — the AFIRS Edge™ 5G WQAR/AID provides powerful situational awareness through real-time data, as well as functionalities such as AoIP, Data Loading, App Hosting, and Iridium Certus Satcom.
FLYHT’s AFIRS hardware has been certified to install on more than 95% of commercial fleet types. Our software solutions provide our partners with real-time Actionable Intelligence to not only solve ongoing problems in multiple areas, such as AHMS, Fuel & APU usage, Fleet & Turn management, but also prepares them for the future.
We provide services to 100+ airlines worldwide, working directly with airframers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and De Havilland, as well as airlines including WestJet, Air Canada, Frontier Airlines, Air China, Lufthansa, Wizz Air, easyJet, and more.

Product & Services

AFIRS Edge™ & AFIRS Edge+™

World’s first 5G WQAR/AID avionics Edge computing platform with modular functionality and a small form factor.
AFIRS Edge™ is suitable for any aircraft and supports flexible installation locations, including the E&E bay, depending on customer preference or upgrade needs.
AFIRS Edge™ harvests extensive aircraft data, including data that are untapped by existing equipment. To take advantage of more data, AFIRS Edge™ also enables independent data governance with IP connectivity in all phases of flight for multiple use cases, native integration to FLYHT’s JetBridge and Amazon Web Service — and more unique capabilities, all pack in one blue box.
To provide better WQAR options for our customers, we created the AFIRS Edge+™ — a 4MCU model that is a plug-in compatible with old A600 2G/3G WQARs which can be installed overnight, available at the cost of a 2G/3G WQAR repair or upgrade.


A fully automated view into the airport turn process that will allow you improve your OTP and Airport Performance.
Powered by AWS, the ClearPort software app gives airlines the ability to see all above and below wing milestones in real time which improves OTP by managing the entire process and not focusing only on what went wrong. This helps operators increase aircraft utilization and manage controllable APU burn and Unmet Aircraft to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. Operators can also use ClearPort to set KPIs with Data-Driven metrics that provides accountability to ALL parties that are involved in the turn to promote efficient operations.

AMOS Support

Industry leading MRO support based on more than 20 years of experience and knowledge.
FLYHT’s CrossConsense team in Germany assists the aviation industry to use and apply this comprehensive software solution for maintenance, engineering, and logistics needs. You have one single point of contact, with no separated responsibilities for hardware, database, or application support, for 1st and 2nd level. Our AMOS Support provides fast resolution times including SWISS-AS cases (average 190 minutes).

Please visit to see all Products & Services.

  • Company:TrustFlight
  • Stand:35
  • Website:
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TrustFlight is a digital technology innovator focused on the aviation industry. The company’s best-in-class digital platform and technical services provide new levels of safety, efficiency and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft.

TrustFlight boasts a robust suite of solutions leveraged by nearly every segment of aviation. It’s powerful platform features an industry-leading Electronic Tech Log, a powerful and complete Safety Management System, and innovative MEL Manager software that increases operational efficiency, reduces friction related to compliance, and provides a 360-degree view of a company’s operations through powerful reporting and customizable dashboards.

Originally founded by two commercial pilots, TrustFlight has grown into a leading global firm supporting a wide variety of airlines, airports, regulators, business aviation operators, maintenance providers and more. To learn more about TrustFlight, please visit, and follow @TrustFlight on Twitter and Linkedin.

  • Company:Taillog EFB Systems
  • Stand:36
  • Website:
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Taillog’s mission is to optimise the daily flight operations and release resources for aviation professionals both in-air and on-ground.

– Plug-and-Play with many flight planning providers
– Interactive nav log with supportive notification systems for Fuel, RVSM, and more
– Fully automised flight progress controlling detailed flight logging via GPS
– Recalculation and Refresh options directly from the cockpit
– Embedded Weight & Balance interacting with the flight plan for LMC and CG status
– Full Briefing Package incl. Weather, NOTAMs, Flight documents, and more
– Integrator system to interface third party systems for e.g. digital Journey Log and Tech Log
– Fully customisable to align with internal procedures

  • Company:Air Support
  • Stand:37
  • Website:
  • Social:

AIR SUPPORT is the leading provider of innovative flight planning and tracking software solutions within the European Airlines Association network. We serve over 500 aviation operations in 90+ countries and specialize in tailored desktop and cloud-based solutions for regional airlines, cargo, and government operations. We are best known for the PPS Flight Planning System, CrewBriefing Web & App, and the OpsControl suite with global flight tracking and alerting capabilities. Our mission is to empower aviation operators with automated, efficient, and cost-effective tools for maintaining operational control at all times. Our expertise lies in aviation software development, system add-ons, and integration with multiple other aviation software, enhancing the efficiency of third-party aviation software systems. As a trusted partner, we continually evolve our offerings to shape the future of aviation technology – for the benefit of our customers.

AIR SUPPORT A/S was founded in 1989 and has regional representatives in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, and Singapore. Our headquarters and software development team are in Denmark.

  • Company:NAVBLUE
  • Stand:38
  • Website:
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NAVBLUE is a leading Airbus company, dedicated to Flight Operations solutions and services for airlines and aircraft operators, on the ground and onboard. NAVBLUE combines aircraft manufacturer expertise, flight operations know-how and agile development to enhance operational efficiency, optimise resources and increase productivity, for a safe and sustainable aviation.

NAVBLUE delivers a reliable, optimum and customised user experience to more than 600 customers worldwide, in a range of areas, including digital cockpit operations, Operations Control Centre (OCC) systems, Flight Ops Engineering and Performance Based Navigation (PBN).

NAVBLUE employs 500 employees spread across the world, with offices in Canada, France, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, UK and US and representatives in several other countries across the globe.

  • Company:Airbus
  • Stand:39
  • Website:
  • Social:

Skywise is an aircraft option fuelled by Airbus expertise and Palantir Technologies, best in class data analytics provider.

By combining in-flight, engineering and operational data in an analytic rich environment, Skywise provides airlines with an industry data platform [ purpose-built ] to address Aircraft Operations Challenges.

Beyond Skywise Core [X], discover the latest Skywise Digital Solutions “S. Fleet Performance+”. A unique solution combining all key components to ensure efficient aircraft dispatch, optimize aircraft availability and reliability while providing insightful information to manage the operational performance of an entire fleet.

  • Company:DynamicSource
  • Stand:40
  • Website:

DynamicSource is a software development company focused on the aviation industry, specialised in creating software that enhances the safety and efficiency of air travel. Our products include tools for performance, weight and balance calculations and airport information management. We customise solutions to fit the specific needs of each airline client, and combine expertise in software development and aviation to help airlines streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the passenger experience.

  • Company:The Weather Company
  • Stand:41
  • Website:
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At The Weather Company, we specialize in providing advanced weather solutions to the aviation industry, addressing the critical challenges faced by dispatch, pilots, and operations. These teams operate under high pressure, monitoring multiple systems for essential information to maintain safety and efficiency. With nearly 75% of air traffic delays attributed to inclement weather, costing the airline industry billions annually, there’s a pressing need for accurate, comprehensive, and actionable weather data.

The Weather Company’s aviation solutions portfolio is designed to enhance operational decisions, ensuring flights are safe, efficient, and profitable. By leveraging precise, personalized weather insights, airlines can reduce operational costs, minimize weather-related disruptions, and improve the passenger experience. These solutions include applications, expert forecast services, and access to a wealth of weather data.

With nearly three decades of aviation forecasting expertise, The Weather Company equips its customers to manage disruptive weather efficiently, ensuring safety, compliance, and exceptional passenger experiences. We help you navigate the complexities of weather impacts, enabling informed decision-making for better operational outcomes.

  • Company:Yonder
  • Stand:42
  • Website:

Smarten up your documents with Yonder
Smart, fast, reliable – Yonder’s SaaS solution empowers you to take the next step in critical information management in aviation. Yonder leverages the full potential of digitalization by offering you a solution built around dynamic content rather than static documents, creating a modern, user-centric experience. As well as providing intelligent solutions for operations manuals, guidelines, regulations and standards.

The sky is not the limit: Why Yonder is a high-flying solution
Yonder brings operations manuals and aircraft manufacturers’ handbooks together in one place. The solution’s smart features ‒ including intuitive dashboards, role-specific updates and a responsive offline app ‒ make life much easier for aircrews and ground staff alike. But Yonder has many advantages for editors and authors too: as well as making it simple to cross-reference content and avoid duplicates, it offers fully-integrated approval and publication processes.

Our highlights:

 User- and task-specific information management
 Automated revision management syncing manufacturers’ and operations manuals
 Manual and compliance connectors

Dynamic content, not static documents: meeting today’s information management needs
Take the leap from PDF and leverage the full potential of what digital content is capable of. Simplify the revision management between OEM manuals (e.g. Airbus or Boeing FCOM, MEL, QRH) and your customized documentation (e.g. OM-B), and even automatically update your existing manuals (e.g. OM-C) with the newest information originating from third-party sources (e.g. Lufthansa System’s Route Manual).

From creating and publishing your documentation all the way to revising it based on your internal processes without constraint: Yonder’s SaaS solution delivers reliable, role-based information to your employees at all times. Both via web browser and the offline app that is available for tablets and smartphones.

Find the right information faster
 Powerful search function
 Content can be customized via roles and filters
 Dynamic content, not static documents

Reliable information for every situation
 Effective workflows and clever approval processes
 Personalized change updates
 No annoying duplicates

Extensive documentation management for compliance tracking
 Seamless audit trails
 Active compliance monitoring
 Wide range of reporting functions

For more information, visit

  • Company:Bytron Aviation Systems
  • Stand:43
  • Website:
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Bytron Aviation Systems specialise in flight data capture and management, integrating data from other systems and third parties into one end-to-end solution…skybook!

Our class leading skybook ground system and EFB app allows airlines to easily manage dispatch and crew briefing processes by automating flight briefing information.

skybook integrates data into dispatch, to the pilots EFB and EFF, then syncs the data back to flight ops for post-flight analysis and flight data storage.

Including modular features such as Flight Tracking, NOTAM Manager, Airfield Monitoring and Flight Data Analytics.

skybook helps airlines shift to a reliable, digital solution that provides useful information to the operations team, aircrew and airline management. Ensuring that operations run smoothly and ongoing management is informed by the best planning and post-flight datasets available.

Proven to reduce reporting times, improve accuracy and distribution of flight briefing data. Providing simple access to planned and actual flight data, allowing informed decisions to be made regarding ongoing planning and budgeting.

Connecting the workflow of airlines with skybook…

  • Company:Avionics Support Group
  • Stand:44
  • Website:
  • Social:

Avionics Support Group, Inc. (ASG) is a private veteran-owned Florida corporation, based in Miami and founded in 1996. We have both FAA DER and DAR as principals of the company. ASG is the leading provider of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)mounting and powering solutions. We have designed and manufactured EFB mounts for all aircraft models, and cradles for every tablet PC and/or legacy EFB for all class applications. Our new revolutionary Quick Release Case with its interchangeable bezel system is providing a new cost-effective alternative to traditional EFB cases. We specialize in aircraft avionics systems integration, engineering, certification and installation technical support offering a multitude of FAA and EASA STC’s. ASG offers Iridium and Inmarsat SATCOM communications solutions, on-board global Wi-Fi connectivity and an Ethernet power adapter as an economical alternative to Wi-Fi. We provide engineering consulting for CPDLC, ADS-B and FANS solutions/consulting. ASG operates an AS9100D/FAA approved PMA manufacturing facility providing customers with installation kits, laser marked wire & fiber optic harnesses, rack and junction box manufacturing.

  • Company:ID1
  • Stand:45
  • Website:
  • Social:

Information Design is a software and technology company based in Frankfurt, Germany. The company offers standardized solutions and develops tailored software exclusively for clients in the aviation industry: Airlines, airports, and air traffic control agencies.

Information Design has more than 40 employees and serves clients all over the world — especially in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The current product suite of Information Design is highlighted by two products – aFuel and aWall.

aFuel is the system of choice when it comes to digitalizing the operational fueling process. It acts as digital exchange platform that connects airlines with fuel providers and into-plane agents, enabling a truly digital and automated fueling process worldwide. Every single step – form the initial fuel order to the final fuel slip sign-off – is processed digitally.

aWall is the only aviation real time dashboard, which unites field-proven live metrics and clear data visualization on top of a scalable and cloud-based business intelligence platform. Thus, it is the ideal solution for control centers, managers, operational staff and all professionals, who are keen to have their business KPIs at hand: ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

  • Company:Honeywell
  • Stand:47
  • Website:
  • Social:

Company Overview
Honeywell products and services are found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft in the world. With an unmatched heritage of innovation that spans more than a century, our aim is to solve the greatest challenges CEOs, pilots, operators, passengers, finance, maintenance and cabin crews face — and transform the way we all fly. We deliver improved fuel efficiency, more direct and on-time flights, and improved operational efficiency through advanced SaaS offerings like Honeywell Flight Efficiency and Honeywell Forge Performance+. With one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of hardware, software, and services, we transform the entire aviation operations ecosystem, from the flight deck to the MRO facility.

Honeywell Flight Efficiency
Honeywell Flight Efficiency is the industry’s most advanced and capable fuel efficiency and airline data analytics solution. More aircraft rely on Honeywell Flight Efficiency to improve flight efficiency and reduce carbon emissions than any other solution. Often replacing multiple point solutions, our software connects stakeholders across the entire organization to provide a unified source of truth for all operations-related data.

Our advanced analytics help you uncover the hidden potential beyond standard best practices. Even airlines with mature and sophisticated fuel-efficiency programs have unlocked significant additional savings by implementing Honeywell Flight Efficiency.
· 30+ airline partners globally
· 3,000+ aircraft enrolled
· Use cases for carbon reporting to maintain regulatory compliance
· Advanced data analytics to track and measure sustainability and efficiency initiatives
· Built on cloud architecture for a fast, intuitive and secure experience
· Comprehensive consulting services included with enrollment

Honeywell Forge Performance+
Honeywell has developed a fully integrated enterprise performance management solution that enables intelligent operations: Honeywell Forge Performance+.

Already proven in distribution centers, warehouses, and process manufacturing operations globally, Performance+ connects siloed systems and integrates critical asset performance data, workforce intelligence, and site process analytics to increase productivity and asset uptime, reduce maintenance and labor costs, and create predictable outcomes. And now, we are bringing this software to the aerospace industry to support OEM and MRO operations.

Performance+ is an industrial software suite that helps make every day your best day of performance by using real-time data and analytics to create a big picture view of your entire operation, so you can confidently drive efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. Performance+ gives you the ability to view asset availability, worker capacity, site throughput, portfolio and energy usage all in one place. Our data driven recommendation engine allows you to monitor KPIs in real time to quickly resolve problems, make prioritization decisions, and achieve your business targets. Performance+ shifts digital transformation from being a buzzword to delivering tangible outcomes.

  • Company:EmpowerMX
  • Stand:46
  • Website:
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EmpowerMX is an aviation industry recognized software development and consulting services business. We are focused on empowering our customers with the ability to decrease the costs of making air travel safer by equipping their decision makers with reliable and real-time globally available intelligence for minimizing maintenance turn times while maximizing safety and increasing profits.

EmpowerMX solution allows MROs, airlines, and lessors to effectively control the entire maintenance lifecycle or only the portions for which they are responsible. Airlines can jointly manage their outsourced and insourced activities like engineering reliability, quality assurance and maintenance activity at the line, heavy and shop levels with reduced cycle times and increase in labour productivity on the magnitude of around 30 percent. Third-party MROs can run their entire operation from bidding through contracting, production and final invoicing.

  • Company:DextraData
  • Stand:48
  • Website:
  • Social:

Logipad is simple and smart

Logipad is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) solution designed to make flight management simple, fast and smart for pilots, crew and ground staff alike.
No matter what kind of device you prefer, Logipad guarantees flexible and scalable information handling both on the ground and in the air on mobile and mounted devices.
Role-based management helps you ensure the provision of all relevant data to the right user group. Weather charts, forms or manuals, Logipad replaces paper-based information and keeps it up to date.
The ground process, which deploys all sent data to connected devices, is standardized and meets the requirements set out by the FAA and the EASA in the AC120-76B and NPA 2012-02 (former TGL-36) documentation.
– EBriefing/EFF – Automatizes processes and supports the handling of briefings in the right way
– Documentation – Easy documentation, bookmarking and annotations for various file formats
– eForms – Simply enables flight crews to retrieve, complete and submit forms, such as safety or cabin reports
– Full Text Search (FTS) – Easy to use search function. Don’t search, find!
– Compliance Reports – Simply track all document synchronization tasks and be informed about the current status
– Role-Based Management – Not everything is important for everyone. Each role is given the right information.
– Release Management – Better safe than sorry: A testing stage ensures the correctness of provided content.

Our clients include Aerologic, Air Astana, CHC Helicopter, Ethiopian Airlines, Everts Air, JetAviation, Marathon Airlines, Presidential Flight, Saudi Royal Fleet and Virgin Atlantic Airways, FlyArystan.
The company behind Logipad DextraData, an IT consulting company and independent software vendor located in Ruhr Valley, Germany is the company behind Logipad. The Essen-based specialists for digitalization have understood the potential of the solution. Initially, Logipad was developed in 2002. Since then, Logipad has been further advanced and improved as a valuable solution for the aircraft industry. Since that point, Logipad was provided to airlines as an Electronic Flight Bag solution.

For more info visit their website



  • Company:CEFA Aviation
  • Stand:49
  • Website:
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CEFA Aviation enhances pilot training and flight safety, developing world-leading 3D animation software and services for 23 years. The innovative flight data animation solutions were especially designed by its experts to allow pilots and flight safety teams to recreate flights with high accuracy based on data from aircraft flight recorders.

Today with CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services), pilots and flight operating crews can replay their own flights on their tablet shortly after landing, at any time and any place, for debriefing and training purposes. It is the first self-training tool for line operations to make debriefing easier and share the experience between crew members.
More than 100 major and regional airlines, cargo operators, and investigative authorities on five continents use CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) advanced flight-data animation for analysis purposes and pilot training.

  • Company:GAMIT
  • Stand:50
  • Website:
  • Social:

ROAM uses the most advanced technologies in the World to deliver the best document management solution in the aerospace market available today. ROAM is highly scalable and beneficial to any technical services department to ensure key compliances as well as provide significant benefits in End of Lease and Entry to Service project, for 1 aircraft or over 1,000 aircraft ROAM is your one stop asset management solution.

  • Company:PIVOT
  • Stand:51
  • Website:
  • Social:

PIVOT creates industry-leading products and solutions that boost safety and productivity by enhancing situational awareness. PIVOT is the world leader in portable, protective electronic flight bag (EFB) cases, mounting options and accessories. PIVOT products are designed by pilots with decades of experience to enhance EFB function and user interaction, while increasing device protection and flexibility. PIVOT offers civilian and military aircraft operators with a variety of mounts and cases for a wide selection of EFB devices, engineered to exceed exacting operational performance standards.

PIVOT cases are so durable that enterprise customers have been able to reduce user breakage to a rate that greatly increases device resales, allowing them to recoup a significant portion of their initial investment. All past, present, and future PIVOT cases connect to the patented PIVOT mounting system, ensuring that multiple generations of a device, or even different supported devices can connect to the same aircraft without changing the mounting solution. This seamless transition from one device to the next keeps the user experience consistent, which reduces error and enhances safety, while providing operators with the only future-proof solution on the market.

PIVOT also provides custom design services, parts, and accessories for a range of EFB devices. PIVOT products and services are available to both enterprise clients and consumers ranging from global airlines, military flying units, to corporate and general aircraft pilots.

PIVOT’s success in developing robust products for pilots at over 300 airlines and more than 100 military units continues to extend to other aspects of the aviation industry to include ground support personnel, and now the railroad industry. As more industries utilize personal electronic devices to present time-critical company data to their frontline employees, PIVOT is poised to meet those needs in a way that enhances the user’s job performance and increases company return on investment.

  • Company:Trekea Mobile
  • Stand:52
  • Website:
  • Social:

Trekea Mobile is a leading technology company providing a broad range of digital solutions for front-line workers to do their jobs better. The deep field and industrial experience as well as expertise of our engineers, software team, and quality professional services delivery personnel allows us to create the best procedural and guidance solutions.

With FIELDLOGS®, we provide a revolutionary task card digitization solution supporting electronic signatures.
Our platform delivers a step change in optimization, compliance, and quality improvements for airline or MRO operations in airframe, components, and engine services.
– Edit & optimize task cards for truly digital operations, with powerful OEM revision management
– Integrate with top ERP vendors for work scope management and their execution
– Leverage the digitization of task cards and enable a wide range of data capture and fusion in operational context. This includes measurements capture, sensor interfaces, business data, conditional task card step sequencing, or step-based API user exit programming.
Note that the platform natively supports/integrates with ATA2200 and S1000D manual standards.

Feel free to pass by our booth to get a live product demo or discuss around industry trends.

  • Company:Aerosoft Systems
  • Stand:52
  • Website:
  • Social:

As a member of the newly formed Oliver Wyman Vector, AeroSoft combines 25 years of aircraft maintenance and content management excellence with the global reach of its new owner, management consulting firm Oliver Wyman. Part of the firm’s Transportation and Services practice, Oliver Wyman Vector is the technical services consulting arm, based in Westlake, Texas, that serves the aerospace, aviation, rail, and maritime sectors providing expertise across a wide range of services including technical, engineering, and digital.
Headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, AeroSoft is the digital product arm of Vector offering flagship product lines in content management and aviation maintenance. AeroSoft has successfully implemented our solutions at over 60 airlines since 1997. As the company continues to expand and adapt, it remain committed to meeting the evolving needs of our client base and the dynamic aviation industry.

  • Company:Scandinavian Avionics
  • Stand:53

The SA Group provides complete turn-key solutions within avionics, electronics, training and interiors, for the international aviation and defense community. Including sales, avionics maintenance (MRO), certification (STC), design & engineering, installation, product development, production, training and consultancy services.

The SA Group is represented in 9 countries, on 14 locations in Europe, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. Scandinavian Avionics A/S serves as HQ of The SA Group. It was established in 1978, and is located in Billund, Denmark.

EASA Part-145 | EASA Part-21J | EASA Part-21G | EASA Part-147
FAA Part-145 | TCCA Part-145 | BCAA Part-145 | GAR Part-145 | DOT RIN N083

  • Company:AVTECH
  • Stand:54
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AVTECH is the leading provider of efficiency-, sustainability-, and safety services seamlessly integrated into daily airline operations. All our services are based on the utilization of existing aircraft technology, ensuring that any airline can effortlessly access our services and immediately benefit from more efficient flight operations.

AVTECH Sweden AB (publ) is listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market and the head office is in Stockholm / Sweden.

Fully automated real-time flight path optimization system that equips pilots with the most cost-effective flight path, leading to an average reduction of 2.5% in cruise fuel and CO2 emissions. While at the same time effectively avoiding turbulence and temperatures outside the flight envelope, improving flight safety.

Dynamic wind- and temperature-uplink service that optimizes weather data input to the FMC, enhancing flight efficiency during climb, cruise, and descent. Resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption ranging from 10-40 kg per flight.

An automatic weather hazard notifications service that delivers real-time, high-resolution turbulence warnings and SIGMETs directly to the cockpit.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for next-generation flight optimization and safety. This innovative tool provides pilots with direct visual access to tailored high-resolution aviation weather, standard aviation weather, and flight optimization services.

  • Company:Flatirons Solutions
  • Stand:55
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As the leader in technical content and maintenance workflow management for the aerospace industry, our mission is to provide innovative Operational and Technical Content Management Solutions that ensure the safety, compliance, and efficiency of operations for our customers—airlines, MROs, and OEM manufacturers.

We’ve set out to vastly improve how aircraft get serviced by providing a technical content and maintenance task management solution that maximizes aircraft utilization, automates tasks, improves communications, increases the productivity of operators, technicians, and mechanics, and lowers operating costs for airlines and manufacturers.

For over 25 years, we have supported and met our customers’ needs by continuously developing, evolving, and delivering technical content management solutions. Our world-class Flatirons platform is utilized by many of the largest global airlines and the top three aircraft engine OEMs as we help them produce, revise, and deliver content to make task performers more efficient.

We help our clients & partners solve complex information management issues. In the highly regulated aviation and aerospace industry, everything must be documented and follow a concrete structure. Our Flatirons platform helps our clients manage both S1000D, ATA iSpec2200, and Flight Operations specifications.

Trusted by the world’s largest airlines and manufacturers, our platform combines best-of-breed technology with trusted domain expertise from mission-critical sectors like aviation manufacturing, airline operations, and defence operations. We are all about helping customers worldwide realize the value of their content in driving higher worker productivity, tighter compliance with regulations and industry best practices, and improved operational efficiency.

  • Company:SAFRAN
  • Stand:56
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Safran offers the SFCO2 service to help airlines reduce their operating costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This innovative service is based on a thorough analysis of flight data to offer our customers personalized diagnostics adapted to their flight operations.

With the support of our dedicated team of experts, SFCO2 uses advanced algorithms to process and analyze millions of data points ; generates personalized recommendations specific to each flight ; ensures that your flight operations are optimal ; supports you in setting up the best practices and ensures the continuous monitoring of your operations.

Drawing on our unique know-how, SFCO2 is a constantly evolving industry-leading service, offering added value for air transport operations and helping drive continuous innovation in the sector.

The + of this service: a dashboard available for management teams and a mobile app for pilots specially designed for them.

The SFCO2 teams look forward to meeting you!

flydocs, a global leader in digital records and asset management, provides the most comprehensive platform for unlocking value from aircraft maintenance data.

Trusted by more than 75 airlines, lessors, and MROs, flydocs empowers stakeholders with tools and expertise to drive sustainable innovation in the asset lifecycle.

With over 790 project managed transitions, flydocs is a reliable partner in managing aircraft acquisitions and disposals, ensuring operational excellence and maximising the value of your investment.

  • Company:Swiss AviationSoftware
  • Stand:58
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Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd. (Swiss-AS) is a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik and thereby embedded in the Lufthansa Group, one of the biggest airline groups of the world.

Swiss-AS positions itself not as a pure software house, but as a company tightly linked to airline business. Being in touch with active aircraft maintenance on a daily basis and therefore able to capture MRO trends at a very early stage, Swiss AviationSoftware unites over 30 years of IT experience with profound MRO expertise and offers its customers a functionally unsurpassed and technologically state-of-the-art maintenance system.

Our long experience, uncompromising pursuit for quality and safety, and our commitment to equip the Swiss-AS customers with a state-of-the art solution are pillars which steer the development of the system as well as our service delivery.


AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers by fulfilling demanding airworthiness standards. 

The key differentiators that make AMOS stand out from competition are the system’s high degree of integration and functional depth coupled with ease of use.

AMOS, having celebrated its 30th birthday in 2019, is the perfect fit for:

  • airlines of all size and type, from start-ups to tier-one organizations
  • MRO providers
  • AMO organisations and other aviation companies.

while being suitable for all aircraft types (including New-Generation aircraft, fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft).

AMOS is completely written in JAVA, fully web-enabled and hardware-independent. In addition, Swiss-AS offers its customers a full package of services ranging from initial requirement studies, process analysis, through on-site support, user training, data migration, audits to system customizations, interface programming, 24h/7d support, etc. 


After many years in business, Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) has succeeded in offering the market a system that meets the fast changing demands of a highly dynamic industry and has attracted more than 200 customers worldwide. The number and size of customers who newly select, or continue to place their trust in AMOS, speaks for itself.

The growing “AMOS community” ranges from pure operators, major charter, regional and low-cost carriers up to large airline groups and MRO providers – a proof that AMOS is fit for any environment, regardless of size or geographical origin. The fact that no AMOS customer has ever replaced AMOS by another system speaks for itself.

The large community of expert users with their in-field experience has fundamentally contributed to the making of AMOS. Jointly working with our customers and being passionately committed to their needs allowed Swiss-AS to grow AMOS into a mature, proven, internationally renowned, high-quality system. The long-term success spurs us on to continuously develop new features, concepts, and value-added service packages for our customers.

The current focus of Swiss-AS is to assist the large circle of AMOS customers to shape and accelerate their digital transformation process while promoting all necessary initiatives that will bridge the digital gaps in the MRO process landscape.

  • Company:Lufthansa Technik
  • Stand:59
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Lufthansa Technik is the leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft, from commercial to VIP and special mission aircraft. As the holder of international licenses for maintenance, design and production, we provide tailored maintenance programs, modifications, completions and conversions as well as innovative cabin products, material pooling and engine services, all seamlessly integrating with our digital fleet services offerings:

With our digital Tech Ops platform AVIATAR we are shaping the future of aviation by combining the driving forces of technology, data, and people. We offer manufacturer-independent technical services for a broad range of fleets. AVIATAR provides an overall platform for the aviation industry, bringing together various solutions in one place and offering digital products and services for airlines, MROs, OEMs, and lease providers. While each individual solution already offers added value as a stand-alone version, it is the interplay of these applications that provides unique benefit for the user.

More info:

  • Company:EXSYN Aviation Solutions
  • Stand:60
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EXSYN Aviation Solutions is a leading industry provider of aircraft data quality management, reporting, and analytics solutions tailored for aircraft maintenance and engineering. An important factor in enabling digitization, improving efficiency, and saving costs is data management. This has resulted in the best-in-class aircraft airworthiness data management platform. At the heart of our platform are two core applications: NEXUS and AVILYTICS.

NEXUS, our Airworthiness Data Quality Management product, serves as a comprehensive solution tailored for efficient data management, integration, and exchange within the complex MRO/M&E system landscape. It goes beyond conventional standards, providing a seamless and robust framework for ensuring the highest quality of aircraft data.

AVILYTICS is EXSYN’s Reliability Management and Predictive Analytics product. This advanced tool empowers airlines to transcend operational challenges by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and significantly elevating both aircraft reliability and availability. AVILYTICS is not just a predictive analytics solution; it is a strategic asset that transforms data into actionable insights, enabling airlines to make informed decisions that impact their bottom line positively.

With NEXUS and AVILYTICS, we help airlines overcome data challenges and capitalize on opportunities to be at the forefront as a data-driven leader.

  • Company:REDiFLY
  • Stand:61
  • Website:
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REDiFly is an independent software provider that serves the aviation industry. The focus of our solutions is the REDiFly Electronic Tech Log (ETL) and REDiFly Flight Operations Suite. We work closely with our customers to ensure they get the best support and software configuration that suits them. Our customers include air operators in commercial, cargo, business and private aviation. Both the REDiFly Electronic Tech Log and REDiFly Flight Ops are compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices.  At REDiFly we collaborate with our clients to streamline daily operations and increase efficiency through our specialised software solutions.

REDiFly Electronic Tech Log

Our Electronic Tech Log helps airlines record and monitor their data while allowing for real-time updates from the flight deck to the hangar. The ETL achieves this by adopting real-time fleet status monitoring and using analytics to implement predictive maintenance. The REDiFly Electronic Tech Log accelerates the transition from a reporting air operator to a data driven air operator.

REDiFly Flight Operation Suite

The Flight Ops software suite includes modules for Dispatch, Scheduling, Crew Management, Training and more to give airlines more control over their operations. REDiFly Flight Ops is a digital platform allowing the various departments within the air operator’s ecosystem to access and input data anywhere at any time.

Flight Ops offers a centralised and easily accessible database for all critical business information, optimising operational efficiency across all departments. With compatibility across all devices and common browsers, our software is fully customisable to meet each client’s unique needs. Our focus on compliance with IOSA and IASA requirements ensures that operations are optimised for maximum efficiency and safety.


Our Library app allows for airline employees to receive important company updates and create documents while on the move. Accessible and convenient, this app keeps all relevant documents stored digitally which can be downloaded and read offline. A useful tool for all employees to keep up to date with the latest company news.

Crew Planner
Our Crew planner app allows crew to have instant access to their working schedule. Crew can also request leave and days off from the app. More importantly, the crew can view trip details and layover information to help them better prepare for their journey. Duty changes can be viewed and accepted in the app, notifying all relevant departments. Modern in its design and functionality the Planner app gives your crew the essential tools for convenience and necessity.

The EFB app allows Pilots to access flight information, report and record fuel figures, plan quickly and easily for any hazardous weather conditions on route, sync information to other Pilot devices, see flight and passenger loadsheet, view and track aircraft performance, receive briefings and much more!

We understand changing software in aviation can be daunting, but we are committed to getting you over the finish line with our continued support and training including free trials and guided implementation. Additionally, all our software integrates with existing operating systems and devices allowing air operators to stay data-driven and digitally connected.
Come and join us on the day for a free demo of our products’ capabilities and check out the REDiFly merchandise as well as indulge in some edible delights.


  • Company:Veryon
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Veryon is the leading provider of aviation software and information services, supporting a global network of more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals and over 7,600 customers in nearly 175 countries worldwide. We help everyone from business aviation teams and MROs to airlines and OEMs get their aircraft more uptime. Challenges like unscheduled repairs, part availability, and excessive paperwork lead to too many aircraft spending too much time on the ground. And that leads to needless delays, endless back and forth, and lots of wasted dollars. The key to more uptime is having a better technology platform to manage everything from maintenance and operations to manuals and diagnostics.